Inserts within I. Executive Summary


"An essential measurement of any juvenile "reentry" system is whether youth returning from incarceration remain safely and successfully within their communities. By this fundamental measure, Illinois is failing."

Found within first paragraph of The Illinois Juvenile Justice System:

"In human terms, we must do better for our young people and our communities. In fiscal terms, we simply cannot afford to continue business as usual."

Found across top of 2nd page of I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:

"Simply put, the drawbacks of relying upon a flawed surveillance-only punishment strategy for youth on parole are clear: unacceptably high reincarceration rates for youth with no corresponding fiscal or safety benefit to the public."

Found after first paragraph of Commission's Youth Reentry Improvement Analysis and Policy Recommendations:

"The current release decision making process for youth undermines the rehabilitation and public safety goals of the Illinois juvenile justice system. . ."

Found before bullet point using the same phrase:

"Youths' constitutional due process protections are violated by the basic structure and process of Prisoner Review Board revocation proceedings. . ."

Found at end of I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:

"The current parole system, which is operated by the Department of Corrections' adult parole division, is costly and ineffective at sustaining pro-social youth behavior, enhancing public safety, and reducing recidivism. . ."