J. Missouri Conditions of Youth Aftercare Supervision

13 CSR 110-2.130 Release of Youths from DYS Facilities

(1)(B) Conditions of Aftercare Supervision.

Transfer to aftercare supervision is a conditional release. The rules of placement to which the child shall agree prior to this transfer shall be the principal conditions of this transfer and violation of these conditions may result in revocation of aftercare supervision.

The rules established by the division are as follows:

  1. I will obey all city, state and federal laws;
  2. I will report to the aftercare youth counselor as directed and immediately report any changes in residence, school, employment or other status;
  3. I will not leave the state of Missouri, or alter any conditions of my placement agreement without the advance permission of the aftercare youth counselor;
  4. I will obey the rules and instructions of my parents, foster parents or guardian. I will advise my aftercare youth counselor immediately if any problems arise in this area;
  5. I understand that I am under the supervision of the DYS until discharged; and
  6. Other special rules or conditions may be invoked to meet specific adjustment problems of the youth in the community.