FAQs for Redeploy Illinois RFP

  1. Could you please provide further information on how to utilize the document that  contains the eligible commitments per county? This document has data for all counties,  not just the seven counties that have been identified as eligible for funding.

    This information is the 2008-2010 Department of Juvenile Justice Eligible  Commitment Data which allows applicants to determine not only data for counties  eligible for funding but also the status of other counties in the state. The data  presented are the three year average of Redeploy eligible commitment data - those  commitments that would have been eligible for referral to a Redeploy program.

  2. Could you provide direction for filling out the Application cover sheet? It is not a fillable form.

    Since it is not possible to type directly into the application cover sheet please either  hand write or type the information onto the form or recreate the document in its  entirety and include with your application.

  3. Where can we find the FAQ section under the RFP?

    The FAQ's should be posted by 12/2.