Questions and Answers for the Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services - RFP

Questions answered and submitted for review:

  1. Please provide clarification on the due date for the applications

    When the RFP was initially posted the due date was incorrect; within a few minutes the information was corrected. All applications must be submitted by 11:00 a.m. on November 30th.

  2. Where can we find the budget projections for the service areas?

    The budget projections were inadvertently omitted from Appendix 3. They are now available with the full package online.

  3. The budget projections for LAN 29 do not seem to be correct. Please provide clarification.

    The individual county amounts were correct but the totals were not. The correct amounts are: 6 months - $84,099.97 & 12 months - $172,475.89

  4. If an agency currently serves more than one LAN, must they submit separate proposals for each LAN, or can one proposal encompass more than one proposed service area/LAN?

    Providers that are planning to serve multiple LANs have the option to submit a single application, or they can choose to submit multiple applications. Funding decisions will be made by LAN. Therefore, if the applicant chooses to submit one application to serve 3 LANs, DHS will decide to fund one, two, three or none of the proposed LANs. Applicants will not be penalized for submitting multiple service areas within one application. It will not be considered an "all or nothing" application.

  5. Please provide some clarification about the budget projections for LANs 6 & 7? The amounts do not seem accurate. 

    The amounts may have seemed inaccurate because under DCFS guidelines, LAN 6 only encompassed East St. Louis and the remainder of St. Clair was part of LAN 7 along with Bond, Clinton and Washington counties. In an effort to avoid splitting a county into multiple LANs, DHS has determined that for purpose of this CCBYS RFP, St. Clair County is labeled as LAN 6 and the funding associated with LAN 6 includes all of St Clair county. LAN 7 - under this RFP will consist only of Bond, Clinton and Washington Counties.

  6. In the RFP it states the population that needs to be served & the goal of stability and reunification. However the RFP doesn't outline any specific services that are required (ie mentoring, safe havens, case management etc). Are there any specific services that potential providers are being asked to deliver?

    The RFP contains guidance on both required and optional services to be provided.

  7. In the CCBYS RFP can an agency apply to serve part of a LAN or applications will only be considered for agencies that apply to serve one or more LANS . The reason I am asking is that currently our CCBYS contract covers only Oak Park and River Forest not the full LAN 58. I appreciate any clarification you can give.

    An Applicant must apply to serve an entire LAN.

  8. Is the 20% for administration for the total grant amount? We are a coalition with subcontracted providers and need to know if their admin costs in their subcontractor budgets count toward the 20%.

    The 20% is for the entire grant. In other words, the applicant may not take 20% of the total award if each of the sub-contractors takes 20% of their award.

  9. The FY13 amounts in Appendix III are referred to as "13 month" amounts. Are they supposed to be 12-month amounts?

    The heading on the funding table states "FY13 12-month LAN Totals". For FY13, these are estimated award amounts for a 12 month period.

  10. Is this an RFP that will be on a three year cycle? That is, if we are awarded the program grant for how long will we be the provider for our area?

    Please refer to Part I, Section I, Estimated Length of Agreement.

  11. Do we submit a 6-month plan and a 6 month budget or an 18 month plan and an 18 month budget?

    Please refer to Part II, Section G5 Budget and Budget Narrative.

  12. Will there be links to the forms that need to be completed for the RFP so that they can be done on the computer instead of printed and hand written?

    Yes, these have been prepared and will be available in the same location as the RFP.

  13. OMNI is applying for the CCBYS grant for LAN 35 as a consortium of agencies that are currently providing the services. We are a group of agencies with a history of working well together. As I proceed to develop a funding a formula for our subcontractors I want to be sure it is fair. I am wondering if the data for each township within the LAN is available, number of youth 0 - 17 below the poverty threshold, the number of 0 - 17 Year Old who are in single parent families and the number of youth 10 -17, or do I need to get this myself. Do you have the formula that was used so I can apply it to each township?

    This has been prepared and will be made available for download in the same area as the RFP.

  14. On the DCFS site, under licenses, it says that for CCBYS a license is not needed. Please clarify.

    The licenses referenced are for individuals based on the work they do. The DCFS license requirement in the RFP is for an agency not an individual. The license requirements you reference also apply as appropriate.

  15. The RFP does not reference subcontracting; is it allowable for an agency to write for more than one LAN and subcontract to another agency to provide services in one or more LANs?

    YES it is allowable.

  16. Could you please assist me in determining if our agency and/or programs are appropriate for CCBYS funding?

    The applicant will have to make this determination for him/herself by reading and considering the RFP. The Department cannot offer guidance in this area.

  17. Please clarify if the list of allowable costs for reimbursement in the RFP is what we should use in our budget preparation, or if we should use OMB guidelines.

    OMB guidelines should always be used if appropriate, however, in some instances program has more stringent or additional requirements. Please use the allowable costs guidance included in the RFP.

  18. The IDHS Office of Contract Administration is requiring every agency to submit an indirect cost rate proposal. The RFP states that "no more than 20% of the total award may be used for administrative costs and services." If IDHS agrees to an indirect cost rate that is greater than 20%, will the limit in the RFP supersede the rate approved by IDHS?

    The CCBYS program does not allow for any indirect costs, even if the Applicant has an agreed to rate. The CCBYS program only allows for administrative costs that can be directly associated with the program, and that amount may not exceed 20%. The CCBYS program differentiates between direct and administrative program costs, but does not allow for indirect costs that cannot be directly associated with program implementation.

  19. In the list of deliverables (Section V., page 8 of the RFP), it lists monthly EDFs as a deliverable. Historically, providers have been required to provide only quarterly EDFs. Is this a change in the requirements?

    Yes, CCBYS will be requiring monthly expenditure reports.

  20. What can be used as valid in-kind match dollars? Is there a list of approved costs?

    Please refer to the Spending Plan Instructions, Appendix 1, for allowable costs. Costs that are allowable under this grant would also serve as appropriate in-kind costs/services for the required match. Such expenditures will have to be documented, tracked and reported the same as grant dollars.

  21. Could you please tell me where the letters of support for the project are to be placed in the application packet?

    Please label and submit the letters of support as Attachment A8 (this is a new attachment category) This Attachment was inadvertently left out of the RFP.

  22. Could you kindly advise, if an organization is not licensed as a Child Welfare Agency in Illinois pursuant to Illinois Admin Code Second 401, but is COA Accredited, would we be eligible to apply for the above titled RFP? I read Second 401.150 to perhaps allow for COA accreditation to qualify us for application despite not having a CW state license, but wanted to check if my interpretation is correct.

    Please refer to Part II, Letter E. for information about the mandatory requirements of Applicants. All applicant agencies must be currently licensed, or in the process of applying for a Child Welfare license.

  23. Are we to include copies of our actual subcontractors in the proposal - or do we simply complete a CCBYS Placement Option form for each agency?

    It will be important to convey specifically what work will be done by subcontractors. Actual subcontract agreements are not required, however they are encouraged. Further, it is required that subcontractor budgets are included with the budget as per the "Spending Plan Instructions"

  24. Exactly what are you looking for regarding Attachment A4?

    Excerpt from RFP "Discuss your readiness in terms of the physical space where CCBYS program activities will be carried out. Describe whether this is space your agency currently occupies (and/or pays for), whether it is under construction, or if arrangements to rent/lease/buy or build a physical facility are not yet final. Include in Attachment A4 of your application copies of any linkage agreements or other documents (lease, rental agreement, etc.) to illustrate your situation with regard to physical space."

  25. Does the Certificate of Good Standing have to be a "sealed" copy from the Secretary of State? Can we just send the information from the Secretary of State's Office showing we are in good standing (just the printout)?

    As indicated in the instructions for Appendix 2, "Documentation of current status, such as a certificate of good standing from the Secretary of State or other comparable proof of status, must be provided for all applicants other than governmental entities." The printout is sufficient. A sealed copy is not necessary.

  26. Are support letters required? If so, how many?

    Letters of support are not required, however, if they are included they should be labeled as Attachment A8. See Q&A #21 for further clarification regarding the letters of support.

  27. What are you looking for in Attachment A6 regarding a "map"? Are you requiring a map of the counties served or a map showing our agency's location and the location of placement sites?

    "Attachment A6 should also include a map detailing the locations of your service sites and placements in your proposed service delivery area."

  28. As there are only two column choices (State Amount and Match Contribution) in the spending plan page could you please tell me how the 'Applicant and Other Sources of Funds' should be incorporated into this worksheet?

    On the cover page of the budget in the "Match" section, you will list the required match amount and the source(s) of those funds. Also on the cover page, in the "Applicant and Other" section, you will list any additional match, above and beyond the required match amount that you are including in the budget and the source(s) of those funds. It may be that the same source(s) are listed in both sections. The primary distinction between the two, is that one is the required amount and the other is above and beyond. In the actual budget pages, you would include in the "Match" column how only the required match will be spent. In the "Spending Plan Narrative" for each section, please provide an explanation for how the additional Applicant and Other funds will be spent.

  29. For the initial 6 month program period/ FY12, it is stated that "it's expected that 100% of the funding will be from state funding." Can federal funding be utilized for the required 10% match during the FY12?

    Yes, presuming that those federal dollars are supplementing the program and that the matching dollars are not also matching any other grant, state federal or other.

  30. Is the limit on the number of pages flexible?

    Refer to Part II G; maximum total for narrative portion of application is 18 pages.

  31. From the RFP, Part II, G, 2, f: "A description of your agency's current programs and activities "relevant to the services described in this RFP," does this include all of our programs for at-risk youth (as referenced in Part II, G, 2, b)

    We are unable to interpret the RFP instructions, specifically as it would apply to only one organization.

  32. Are we to include our Linguistic & Cultural Competence Plan PLUS the Good Faith Efforts Checklist as two separate documents in our ATTACHMENT section? Or are we to include our responses to the 5 points listed on page 67 of the RFP (about our LCC Plan) in our narrative, Section 2.i., in Agency Qualifications?

    Linguistic and Cultural Competence Guidelines were included to provide definitions and guidance as to the areas which should be addressed throughout the narrative. Please see Part II, Section F. Proposal Scoring: "Reviewers will be looking for evidence of linguistic and cultural competence in each section of the Project Narrative, and will consider how well you address the cultural competence aspects of the review criteria when scoring your application." Applicants are required to demonstrate they have the cultural and linguistic capacity to serve the target population. Applicants are not required to submit a separate Linguistic & Cultural Competence Plan nor the Good Faith Efforts Checklist.

  33. In the Proposal Content section of the RFP (pages 18-19) it states 'Present the resume of the CCBYS Coordinator, Agency Director and Fiscal Manager as Attachment A2 of your proposal' and (page 21) 'Attachment A2 - Resumé of CCBYS Coordinator, Agency Director and Fiscal Manager' while in the budget instructions section (page 24) it states 'Include job descriptions and current resumes for all staff positions included in the spending plan.' Can you please clarify if resumes for all the positions in the spending plan need to be included or just the ones for the three positions specified?

    The resumes requested as part of Attachment 2 are being scored as part of the Agencies Qualifications section. Resumes are expected for all staff included in the spending plan as part of the budget section and will be considered when scoring that section. However, it is not necessary to include the coordinator, director and fiscal manager resumes in multiple sections, reviewers will be made aware that they will find resumes in two locations.

  34. Can you tell me what qualifies an organization to be "comprehensive?" We are a 501(C)(3) performing arts training organization for kids, however we have not filed a form with any government agency that qualifies us as comprehensive. What does "comprehensive" constitute?

    In the context of the provision of community based youth services the term "comprehensive" does not refer to the agency but rather to the continuum of services that are available for youth who are at risk of involvement in the child welfare and/or juvenile justice system. We require the services proposed to be comprehensive not the agency providing the services.

  35. Does the Department want resumes for our subcontractor agency's CCBYS Coordinator, Agency Director and Fiscal Manager as well as those of ours as applicant?

    Yes, if in fact all or a portion of that work is being subcontracted out

  36. Do we need to include draft versions of the subcontracts we propose to have with our direct service providers? In which section would they be an attachment?

    Subcontracts are not required, rather preferred. The work of SCs must be described as appropriate in the application narrative. Subcontractor budgets are required. If subcontracts are included they should be included along with the subcontractor budgets with the budget attachments

  37. If we plan on subcontracting CCBYS services to another organization(s) do we need to include:
    • Job descriptions for each agency?
    • Time allocated to the work for each agency?
    • Budget reflecting their costs?
    • The service delivery methods for each agency?
    • Other requirements identified in the RFP?

    Budgets are required for subcontracts. Budgets require job descriptions for identified staff. If the services provided under this grant are being done so through a subcontract, then the application must reflect the required detail.

  38. Do Linkage Agreements require a budget? If we plan to pay for individual services through another provider via a linkage agreement rather than a subcontract, is it sufficient to describe the service(s) we intend to purchase and the corresponding amounts of those services?

    Linkage Agreements as described here do not require a budget. It is acceptable to describe the service(s) and the corresponding amounts of those services.

  39. Does DHS have a specific sub-contract agreement form that needs to be used for the CCBYS application?

    No, there is no specific form.

  40. We are considering subcontracting counseling services (therapy). The agency is not a licensed CWA. Since we don't view this as crisis intervention, is it permissible to contract with them given the definition under Part II, Section E requirements?

    If they have no involvement in the placement of youth or the recommendation of such then they do not need to be a licensed CWA

New CCBYS Q & A 11/22/11

  1. Regarding RFP question 5 - Budget and Budget narrative - there is the following statement: "The amounts are predetermined and the total budget amount should be equal to the total amount for each LAN identified in the proposed service area." Is this stating that we have to run CCBYS for the amount indicated on the LAN? Or can our 6 month budget exceed that LAN amount? (provided that the agency generates any needed funding above the LAN amount)

    The estimated DHS CCBYS grant amount available is the amount indicated in the LAN amount. Your budget can exceed that amount if the grant amount is equal to the LAN amount and any additional amount is listed under Match and applicant and other. In other words: If the LAN amount is $10,000 and it will cost you $15,000 to run the program and that is what you would like your budget to reflect, then you would have $10,000 in state grant funds, $1,000 listed under required match and the remaining $4,000 under applicant and other.

  2. The budget forms do not have a place to differentiate direct versus administrative costs. Should that distinction be made in the 2-page justification/narrative?

    Yes, you can use the narrative to make that distinction.

  3. By "total budget amount" does this include the request amount AND the match amount? 
    i.e. should our request amount be equal to the amount indicated for our proposed service  area -- or should the match + requested amount equal the proposed service area amount?

    That is the grant amount only - the match is on top of that amount. Example: If the LAN amount is $10,000 then you would have $10,000 in state grant funds, $1,000 listed under required match.

  4. I am having trouble finding the expiration date for my CCR.... how do I go about finding that?

    CAGE Number - Provide your five-character Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) identification number. To get a CAGE code, you must first complete the Department of Defense's Central Contractor Registration (CCR), which is a requirement for doing business with the federal government. CCR applications are available at http://www.ccr.gov/Start.aspx. You will be assigned your CAGE code as part of the CCR validation process, and as soon as your CCR registration is active, you can view your CAGE code online when you log in to your CCR account. This should also give you your CCR Expiration Date - the date on which your registration expires.

  5. On Appendix 2, question number 6 states "important notice read in its entirety". However, the 30 ILCS 105/1 et seq contains 214 pages. I am not able to isolate or find Ch. 127, par. 137.1 referenced following 30 ILCS 105/1, could you advise how to get this chapter and paragraph. Or does this "important notice" refer to completing all necessary information on the coversheet, as failure to do so will disqualify our paper?

    It is the latter. It is citing the State Finance Act as the authority for the Department to require the information contained on the cover page.