Mobius Reports

Computer Requirements

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    • Check your Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel for JAVA(TM) 6 Update 31 or newer.  There should be only one version of JAVA installed on your computer.
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    • Edge is the internet browser recommended for accessing the Mobius Report web site.
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Using Mobius Document Direct

Report ID System Report Description
Fee for Service Billing Reports
CR340091 CRS (FFS) Monthly HBSS Exception Report for Service Facilitators
CR340092 CRS (FFS) Monthly HBSS Monitoring Report for Service Facilitators - Adults
CR340094 CRS (FFS) Monhtly Lapse Year Report for Service Facilitators
ECR90014 CRS (FFS) Hours Remaining Report
ECR90022 CRS (FFS) Billing Units Adjustment Report
M044E081 CRS (FFS) 50D Client Expenditures Detail Report / Case Coordinator
M044E121 CRS (FFS) Monthly Client Expenditures / Case Facilitator
M044G131 CRS (FFS) Monthly Exception for Service Facilitators
M044G132 CRS (FFS) Overage Problems
M044G211 CRS (FFS) ISSA with No Bills in Last 6 Months
M044G222 CRS (FFS) Overdue Reporting of Annual Waiver Redetermination
M0446083 CRS (FFS) FFS Remittance Report
M0446084 CRS (FFS) FFS Court of Claims Remittance Report
M0446092 CRS (FFS) Guardian Notification of Service Authorization/Primary Provider
M0446093 CRS (FFS) Guardian Notification of Service Authorization/ISSA Provider
M0446101 ROCS FFS Results Summary
Client Case Registration Reports
PROCSCR1 ROCS Case Registration Results Summary
PROCSGR1 ROCS Case Registration Closings
PROCSGR2 ROCS Case Registration Warnings
Service Reporting Reports
PROCSRR1 ROCS Service Reporting Variance Report / Monthly
PROCSRR2 ROCS Service Reporting Variance Report / End of FY
PROCSSR1 ROCS Service Reporting Results Summary
PUNS Data Reports
PPUNSNRA PUNS Detail Report of Over Due Annual PUNS Updates
PPUNSNR1 PUNS Notice of Annual Update Date
PPUNSNR2 PUNS Listing of Consumers with Annual Update Due