Downloading/Updating Records

Update Information

Update Files

The above screen appears after selecting Utilities \ Update Files from the menu bar.

DHS will return your processed transactions via the data source in which your file was created.

Results are needed to update the files on your PC.

Data Source

  • Should always be Internet/FTP

Click on the UPDATE button at the bottom of the screen

  • You will be prompted to enter your DHS User ID and password
  • After successful login, ROCS will connect to the DHS Server, download any result files available and update records with the appropriate "Status"

View FTP Transmission Log

  • Provides a report detailing the specific files which have been updated by the FTP process. 
  • If errors are encountered during any file transmission, error messages will be available in this report with an explanation to assist in any trouble shooting of problems.

Case Files -- Updates the Case Information files

Grant Service Files -- Updates the ROCS Service Reporting/MH billing transaction files

FFS Provider Files -- updates Provider records

FFS Billing Files -- updates Fee for Service billing records

FFS Voucher Files -- updates Fee for Service Voucher records

FFS Income Files -- updates Client Income records