Governor Commends Budgeting for Results Commission on Reform Recommendations

First Budgeting for Results Report Complete

Governor Pat Quinn today commended members of the Budgeting for Results Commission for working together to confront the budget challenges facing Illinois. After months of analyzing how to most effectively reform the state's spending process, commissioners have issued their first report to the Governor and General Assembly setting forth their recommendations on how to restore fiscal health to Illinois.

"Senator Kotowski, my staff and other commission members worked tirelessly to review the budget process and gather feedback from Illinois residents on how to ensure taxpayers are getting the results from government they expect and deserve," Governor Quinn said. "I look forward to reviewing the commissioners' report and have their recommendations incorporated into the budget process as we mark a major step toward smarter, more transparent government and greater accountability across all agencies."

Proposed by Governor Quinn and enacted last year by the General Assembly, Budgeting for Results (BFR) is a tool to help government agencies set priorities, meet goals, deliver excellent services and achieve the best value possible to taxpayers. Illinois is the first state to establish the Budgeting for Results process into law to help government agencies set priorities, meet their goals and deliver the best value of government to taxpayers. The law requires the commission submit a report by Nov. 1, of each year with recommendations on how to improve Illinois' budget process by examining expenditures, spending reductions, available revenue and budgeting goals.

One of the commission's recommendations is the development of seven "action oriented" results (also see attached report):

  • Result 1 (Government Services): Illinois state government operates efficiently, effectively and transparently.
  • Result 2 (Education): Illinois has a quality education system that provides equal opportunity for growth for all Illinois students.
  • Result 3 (Economic Development): Illinois' economy provides sufficient opportunities for residents to achieve economic well-being.
  • Result 4 (Public Safety): Illinois has adequate public safety mechanisms and infrastructure in place to protect the lives, safety and property of residents.
  • Result 5 (Healthcare): All Illinois residents have access to quality affordable health care.
  • Result 6 (Human Services): Illinois assures that all residents, but particularly children, the elderly and disabled, are able to experience a quality life.
  • Result 7 (Quality of Life): Illinois maintains a quality of cultural and environmental resources for Illinois residents and visitors.

The commission is composed of Illinois legislators, executive staff, outside experts and stakeholders. Senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) serves as chairman of the commission and was co-sponsor of legislation enabling Budgeting for Results.

"This process is going to shake up the way business has traditionally been done in Springfield," Sen. Kotowski said. "The recommendations made by the commission will move the state closer to ending the automatic funding of programs. Throughout Illinois, families and businesses face tough choices every day about what they absolutely need to spend money on and what they can do without. They make those choices based on value and performance. It's time state government did the same."

"The commission is sincerely interested in improving the budget process to make certain the state is spending taxpayer dollars wisely," said Carole Brown, Managing Director at Barclays Capital. "The business community has long used tools like Budgeting for Results to make financial decisions, and the state is now following suit by making decisions based on performance metrics rather than historic spending levels."

Even though the first report is complete, the commission will continue to meet throughout the year and pay close attention to the formation of the Governor's budget, the legislative appropriations process, and the implementation of Budgeting for Results.

"I look forward to continuing to serve on a commission that is eager to restore fiscal health to our state," said Senator Pam Althoff (R-Crystal Lake). "We worked collaboratively with a group of financial experts in an attempt to address the challenges of our current state budget and ensure a better future for all Illinois residents."

The commission may issue addenda to this report throughout the year as it receives additional testimony and input.

The Budgeting for Results commission, as announced August 22, 2011:

  • Cristal Thomas, Deputy Governor;
  • John Kamis, Senior Advisor to the Governor;
  • Hon. Sheila Simon, Lieutenant Governor;
  • State Senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge);
  • State Senator Tony Munoz (D - McKinley Park);
  • State Senator Pam Althoff (R - Crystal Lake);
  • State Representative Will Davis (D - Hazel Crest);
  • State Representative Kent Gaffney (R - Lake Barrington);
  • Hon. Will Burns, Alderman, City of Chicago;
  • John Bouman, President, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law;
  • Carole Brown, Managing Director, Barclays Capital;
  • Larry Joseph, Director, Budget and Tax Policy, Voices for Illinois Children;
  • Jim Lewis, Senior Program Officer, Chicago Community Trust;
  • Lyle Logan, Vice President, Northern Trust Bank;
  • Dr. Roger Myerson, Glen A. Lloyd Professor of Economics, University of Chicago;
  • Maria de Jesus Prado, President, Prado & Renteria;
  • Alex Rorke, Managing Director, Loop Capital;
  • Jose Sanchez, CEO and President, Norwegian American Hospital;
  • Steve Schnorf, Budget Consultant;
  • Kevin Semlow, Director of Legislative Affairs, Illinois Farm Bureau and;
  • Donna Sims Wilson, Executive Vice President, Castleoak Securities.

The Report