Child Care Management System (CCMS) Training

Welcome to the CCMS Training Website

On the Child Care Management (CCMS) System training website, you can access the training roadmaps to learn your specific CCMS training requirements. You can also find some great resources to both help you learn more about CCMS and also support you in your daily role in the future. Below is a brief description of each available resource.

The information/courses described are for IDHS Employees or Site Staff ONLY. If you qualify, please feel free to review the course description and sign up for the appropriate class or classes.

Your monitor resolution should be set to 1024x768 for the best viewing, which should be the default on newer monitors; however, if you have issues with viewing, please send an email to:


Access Net.Learning! (Net.Learning Learning Management System) to register for training, view web-based trainings, and complete any training exams. (coming soon)

Other Materials

View the IDHS (Illinois Department of Human Services) Child Care Program Manual.

View the CCMS Communicator Newsletters from the past, as well as the current edition.