Summary of PUNS by ISC Area

Update 9/9/2022

Please note: Some agencies operate in multiple areas.  Currently data is reported under only one area.  As a result, some areas show no active count.

Total Active Clients by ISC Area

% of
Total PUNS
Area A  (Services Inc.) 0 0.00%
Area B  (Community Alternative Unlimited) 3886 26.61%
Area C  (Community Service Options) 1349 9.24%
Area D  (Suburban Access) 1901 13.02%
Area E  (Services Inc.) 0.00%
Area F  (Services Inc.) 4287 29.36%
Area G  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 1 0.01%
Area H  (Champaign County Regional Planning Commission) 997 6.83%
Area I  (Central Illinois Service Access) 521 3.57%
Area J  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 1326 9.08%
Area K  (Prairieland Service Coordination) 0 0.00%
Area L  (Southern Illinois Case Coordination) 337 2.31%
Totals: 14,606