Summary of PUNS by Diagnosis Code

Updated 5/13/2022

PUNS by Diagnosis Code 

Diagnosis Code / Description Active PUNS
Autism 5528
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder 60
Pervasive Developmental Disorder 113
Cerebral Palsy 583
Mild Mental Retardation 2373
Moderate MR 1603
Severe MR 422
Profound MR 157
Unspecified Mental Retardation 6137
Epilepsy 768
Other Diagnosis Codes 302

PUNS by Specific Multiple Diagnosis

Diagnosis Description Active PUNS
Cerebral Palsy with Mental Retardation 48
Epilepsy with Mental Retardation 93
Autism Spectrum Disorder with Mental Retardation 355
Mental Illness and Mental Retardation Dual Diagnosis 770

Total Active PUNS:

Active 14397