ISVI Graduation Ceremony Emotional for Nine Grads and Staff

The Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI) honored its nine graduates Friday, May 27. The ISVI Choir sang two selections: " Remember My Song", and "Friends". DHS Secretary Michelle R. B. Saddler attended the event which also included a touching slide show of each graduate. It showed photos of the students in various activities at ISVI, as a previously made recording of their own voice told about what activities they participated in during their high school careers. In the recording most of them thanked staff for helping them to achieve the goal of graduation, and for pushing them to achieve more.

Nine ISVI grads joined by school officials

Front row, left to right -- Mia Strayer, Ashton Williams, Maggie Lourash, Monica Salinas, and Alyssa Young

Second row, left to right - Cynthia Smith, Tabitha Rogers, Gage Mossberger, Milica Zivic

Top row - left to right -- ISVI Superintendent Marybeth Lauderdale, Vocational Principal Serena Preston, Principal Janet McGovern, Class Sponsor Denise Kerhlikar, and Class Sponsor Anna Bergschneider