December 14, 2011 Planning and Grants Meeting


Open to the public


December 14, 2011
9:00am to 1:00pm


  • 823 E Monroe - Springfield, IL
  • 160 N. LaSalle, 10th Floor - Chicago


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Status of Funds
    1. Title II
    2. Title V
  5. Budget and Funding Table Review
  6. Annual Report
  7. 3-Year Plan Update
  8. Committee Updates / Motions for Consideration
    1. Communications-Parole Study Release
    2. BARJ-DMC/BARJ Committee Restructure
    3. JDAI-Compliance Review
    4. DMC-Assessment Update
  9. Other
  10. New Business
  11. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:29AM
  2. Roll Call: Chairmen George Timberlake, Lisa Jacobs, Commissioners Esther Franco-Payne, George Hill, Pam Rodriguez, Wayne Straza, Randell Strickland, Rick Velasquez. Staff: Julie Stremlau, Jeff Bradley, Miguel Millett, Ron Smith, Lin Ferguson. Guests: Rob Vickery, Arnetra Jackson, Lisa Davado, Michelle Arnold
  3. Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2011 meeting was made by Commissioner George Hill, seconded by Commissioner Rick Velasquez. All in favor. None opposed. Minutes of the November 9, 2011 approved.
  4. Status of Funds:
    1. Title II: The SFY 2012 Grant Expenditure Projections Funding Worksheet was discussed.
    2. Title V:
  5. Budget and Funding Table Review:
  6. Annual Report: Next steps -
  7. 3-Year Plan Update: We are awaiting guidance from the Feds.
  8. Committee Updates / Motions for Consideration:
    1. Communications-Parole Study Release: The Reentry Report was released successfully on December 13, 2011. Chairman Jacobs thanked everyone that was involved for their work. If you are interested in the implementation phase of this work, please let Commissioner Franco-Payne know. Met with AOIC and they have agreed to provide data for the Raise the Age Study. Going over the list of stakeholders again to look for those who might be interested in replying that have not yet done so, so there is a higher response rate. They plan a briefing in January for Commissioners and stake holders. Chairman Timberlake reported that there has been a doubling of admissions because of the change in the statute.
    2. Sex Offender Study is moving forward but a more definitive timeline needs to be set for completion. Chairman Timberlake added that we need to discuss potential need for increased funding for Raise the Age and Juvenile Sex Offender projects. Commissioner Jacobs added that life-long restrictions for juvenile sex offenders do not work. Commissioner Pam Rodriguez suggested that discussing policy change that would effect public safety would be more acceptable to the General Assembly. Commissioner Franco-Payne will be contacting all sections for their report for the 3-year report. Commissioner Franco-Payne will talk with Jim Bray about working on the 3-year report.
    3. BARJ-DMC-/BARJ Committee Restructure: Commissioner Strickland reported the Committee is working to connect with Phil Lee to begin implementation of the RBA process. The Committee also has decided to begin to meet monthly. There are only two Commissioners on the Committee, but there are additional non-Commission members. Chairman Timberlake and Commissioner Strickland discussed merging BARJ with DMC to provide a joint effort to approach BARJ priorities. He has not yet spoken with Commissioner Pam Rodriguez about the merge. Sally Wolff presented information about the WSIU Broadcast proposal. Commissioner Strickland will forward the proposal to Julie Stremlau for distribution to the Commission.
    4. JDAI-Compliance Review: Commissioner Velasquez reported that as of 11/27/11 Ron Smith and Dick Walsh are back at work. Increase in Deinstitionalization of Status Offenders (DSO) violations from 13 to 34 for the last one-year period. Next meeting is January 12, 2012 and they will finalize what topics will be the focus of the Committee. Jeff Bradley gave a presentation at the State's Attorney Conference and it was well received. They are looking at bringing him on full-time to work for the Committee.
    5. DMC-Assessment Update: There is money allocated to do the assessment. ICJIA will be helping in a significant way and they will be hiring students to do data collection which will require some of the previously allocated funds. Solution Specialties, Inc. will be contracted to provide data collection. Miguel reported that the tracker software has alternative methods for collection, so further discussion may be required.
  9. Other: Rob Vickery gave a report on the Reentry RFP. It was released on 12/5/11. A letter of intent is expected from interested applicants by 12/19/11. We will hold two informational meetings for applicants January 5 and January 12, 2012, 1:00-3:00 in Chicago with video sites in Springfield and Mt. Vernon. The proposals are due to DHS by 1/24/11.
  10. New Business: YNC distributed a report on how they plan to increase youth involvement. Miguel stated that our current/previous method of youth engagement has not been successful. A more intense method is needed to meet youth at their level. They plan to initiate preliminary meeting via the Peace Circle model and youth summits to listen to youth and report back to the Commission in an interesting report such as a book or community event such as a semi-annual youth summit. Miguel stressed that awareness elicits responses and they want to invite youth to participate at Commission meetings in the future.
    Commissioner Hill wants to clarify that the Commission needs to name the topic that we seek information on from the youth. Commissioner Strickland suggested that we allow youth to speak out on the things they see in existing policies and unintended circumstances from existing policies that we can study and decide what our focus will be. Michelle Arnold reported that funds will be required and staff between the ages of 18-24 to connect with the youth. She offered YNC taking the leadership on this project. Michelle will start work and give another report at the January P&G meeting. Expungement will be the focus of this effort. School push-out, and youth closing down the detention center are other areas that could be the focus. Commissioner Jacobs asked if anyone has a youth that would be interested in becoming a youth commissioner. Look at JABGs agenda items. She also would like to see what the outcomes could be and possibly invest in this effort.
    Chairman Timberlake reported that Jackie Bullard has been appointed to the Commission.
  11. Next Meeting: The next P&G meeting is 1/11/2012. The OJJDP FY 09 Title II Formula Grants Program document will be recirculated for the January meeting.
    1. Commissioner Jacobs will work with Karrie Rueter to define program areas and the assignment for each Committee is to decide if there are program areas they desire to work toward.
    2. Staff will complete the first draft of the plan for review.
    3. ICJIA will compile and provide the most updated data for inclusion in the plan, staff will update.
    4. Ron Smith will complete the draft of the Compliance section with assistance from the JDAI committee.
    5. Miguel Millett will complete the first draft of the DMC section with assistance from the DMC committee for review.
    6. Focus of the Commission for the next three years.
    7. Will review OJJDP Program Areas and what the recommend for consideration into new 3 Year plan. (Also, attached program recommendations from OJJDP for System Change, DMC and DSO. Please refer to OJJDP site for further information, too lengthy to include ).
    8. Review of JABG information as they seem to be in line with the Commissions goals and policy and system information areas RSAP and ICJIA.
  12. Adjournment: Commissioner Franco-Payne made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Chairman Timberlake. All in favor. None opposed. The meeting was adjourned at 12:07 PM.