September 15, 2011 JDAI Sub-Committee Meeting


Open to the public


September 15, 2011
9:30AM to 11:00AM


  • 823 E Monroe - Springfield, IL
  • 401 S Clinton, 7th Floor - Chicago, IL 


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. JDAI Coordinators Report
  5. DSO/Compliance Report
  6. Old Business
    1. Annual JDAI Site Reports
    2. JDAI State Technical Assistance Application
    3. Casey Foundation Annual JDAI Grant
    4. Transportation Grant Review
    5. JMIS
  7. New Business
    1. Results Based Accountability (RBA) Work Plan

VIII. Adjourn


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:37AM
  2. Roll Call: Chairman Velasquez, Commissioners George Hill, Ben Roe, Gene Griffin by phone. Guests: Margie Groot, Carmen Cassas, Miguel Lewis by phone. Staff: Barb Shipp, Jeff Bradley, Ron Smith, Miguel Millett, Julie Stremlau, Lin Ferguson.
  3. Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the July 14, 2011, minutes as amended was made by Commissioner Griffin. The motion was seconded by Ben Roe. All in favor. None opposed. Minutes were approved.
  4. JDAI Coordinators Report: Jeff Bradley reported on the 4th circuit who requested that he check on their pending payment. The invoice was sent but payment has not yet been received. Chairman Velasquez suggested that they contact Youth Network Council.
    Jeff has been to two Communications Committee meetings, but social marketing was not discussed due to a lack of time. He will continue to attend. Mark Haskus, State's Attorney, has put him in contact with a person that will provide access to CAN TV, Chicago. ISBA has done programs and he is trying to get promotional advertisements on the channel.
    Second and fourth districts are updating their data programs and will have J-WATCH ready in the new 60 days.
  5. DSO/Compliance Report: Ron Smith reported that for the period of January-July 2011, there were 22 DSO violations compared to 7 last year. One-hundred eighty two violations are allowed. Seven were Truancy compared to five last year. There were four non-offenders this year compared to two last year. Other, which could be runaway or contempt, there were four compared to zero last year. Alcohol charges are excluded. He thinks the number of violations is due to new judges. Chairman Velasquez asked for an explanation of how the data is captured. Ron replied that detention centers send a monthly report to JMIS and Ron and staff review those reports. If they see a problem they call the facility and work with them. Chairman Velasquez stated that we will begin to look at the reports more closely, not only for the raw numbers but in order to do a statewide analysis and provide centers with a type of report card on use of detention and how it is being used throughout the State. Truants and runaways are allowed to be excluded from the count if they are in for less than 24 hours. A report of the status of the counties was provided. Ron Smith, Ron Ketchings and Sue Korpea from Lake County are meeting with Sara Sullivan every two weeks to discuss the standards for detention facilities. They have it formatted and are now working on the content. They plan to have it ready for JCAR by the end of the year and will go out for public comment after JCAR submission.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Annual JDAI Site Reports: There is no change in the status of DuPage and St. Clair closing their facilities. DuPage and Kane will be monitored October 2, 2011. Karrie received a letter finding us in compliance for sight and sound regulations.
    2. JDAI State Technical Assistance Application: No report.
    3. Casey Foundation Annual JDAI Grant: Casey said they would be out at the end of July, but we haven't received them yet. Barb Shipp reported that it was sent September 12. Chairman Velasquez asked Carmen Cassas how we can access Casey reports for individual jurisdictions. She responded that we can go through Gail to get reports, but that their computer system has been down. She volunteered to be the point person. The document goes to the Coordinator. Jeff and Carmen will meet to get the information he needs. Chairman Velasquez wants to see what is available before he decides how far back to get data. Carmen will assure that this is resolved today.
    4. Transportation Grant Review: We have been asked by Planning and Grants to review the Transportation Grants. The issue is that eliminating them has been discussed, but there is always the argument to not eliminate them. Julie Stremlau and CPRD developed an analysis using court data. We need to identify what it is we want to know out of all of the data. The analysis lists offenses by ages in 2006, 2008, 2010 with a summary at the end. The report can be misleading when you consider the cost of fuel between 2006 and 2010, but overall a drop in numbers is apparent in the report. Another consideration is that these grants have been decreased by as much as 50%. Chairman Velasquez asked Julie to get unit cost, and he will use the RBA method to see if the program is worthwhile. He would like them prior to the next meeting so a recommendation can be made prior to January 2012, and will review the data annually. Commissioner Hill added that the program has been in existence for more than 20 years. It was started to protect the money coming from the Feds, because we were in jeopardy of losing money. Barb Shipp raised a concern of property offenses, since it is simple to divert kids away from that type of offense. Chairman Velasquez will look into it. Ron Smith raised the concern of unintended consequences caused by counties moving kids at their leisure. Barb Shipp added that we can't remove the transportation grants without having another plan in place. Miguel Millett added that if we lose the transportation grants, we should have the ability to use the funds for alternative methods and have a plan in place prior to the discontinuation of the transportation grants. 
      Next Steps: Additional information relative to the contracts; Costs and expectations that determine what role they have played in the
      decreased utilization; Further analyze the data relative to what types of cases are being sent to detention.
      If you have questions, please forward them to Chairmen Roe or Velasquez.
    5. JMIS: No report.
  7. New Business:
    1. Results Based Accountability (RBA) Work Plan
      Jeff went to RBA meetings. He is in a learning process and met with Phil Lee who provided a focused version of RBA for use in JDAI. Jeff will be trained so that he can guide the Committee through the process. He has used information that we can send to Casey and use the RBA process in developing measurable goals. Determining the measure to use is complex and leads to other questions, but he thinks that we should use this in deciding how to deal with the data issues we are facing. Chairman Velasquez added that at our next meeting we will identify the categories we will use in the course of the next year. Jeff added that Miguel and Carmen should be involved to include Casey principles.
  8. Adjourn: Next meeting will be November 10, 2011. Chairman Velasquez will set goal of getting meeting material out one week prior to meeting.
    Motion to adjourn made by Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Roe. All in favor. None opposed. Meeting adjourned at 11:12AM.