May 26, 2011 Communications Sub-Committee Meeting


Open to the public


May 26, 2011


  • Chicago Crime Lab
    55 East Monroe
    Chicago, IL 60603
  • DHS/CHP Office
    815-823 East Monroe
    Springfield, IL 62601


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Review of mandated reports:
  5. Status updates
    1. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study
      1. Finalize Report
    2. Raise the Age
      1. Status
      2. Next Steps
  6. Communications strategies
    1. Legislative Update
  7. Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition (JCEC)
  8. Other Items / Next Steps
  9. Next meeting date
    Thursday, June 23rd
  10. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm by Co-Chair Roseanna Ander.
  2. Roll Call: Co-chairmen Roseanna Ander and Esther Franco-Payne, Commissioners Julie Biehl, Lisa Jacobs. Quorum declared present.
    Staff: Lin Ferguson. Guests: Camille Provensal, Stephanie Kollmann, Colby Dillon, Victoria Unger.
  3. Approval of minutes: Minutes will be held until next meeting for approval.
  4. Review of mandated reports: Status updates
    1. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study:
      1. Finalize Report
        Draft has been sent out. Responses received, at this time, from Commissioners Ahitow, Hill and Velasquez. Commissioner Biehl wants input on the implementation plan. The funding for this report is over as of June 30, 2011. The plan is to move this forward. 1) strategic release, i.e., press conference or what education, re-drafting, fiscal analysis, DJJ strategy. She recommends that a person of the caliber of Phil Lee or Jim Bray determine how we move this forward. She is willing to lead it, but we need a team of leaders to work in a decision-making role. Co-chair Ander asked about the position of the Governor's Office. Commissioner Biehl spoke with Toni Irving about it and presented the proposal prior to it going to the Executive Committee. Commissioner Irving was completely supportive of it, but questioned where the money was coming from. Commissioner Jacobs recommended that SPECK analyze the costs/savings. We need to be able to prove that this will save money. She added that Dana Weiner did a fiscal analysis comparing incarceration vs. after-care. Commissioner Biehl is meeting with Commissioner Weiner tomorrow and will solicit her help on this project. Commissioner Jacobs recommends that we present the completed plan to the Commission and recommend that they pay for a lawyer to draft the proposed rules and regulations, pay for Phil Lee or Jim Bray to work/advise Commissioner Biehl in developing a strategic plan/implementation of the plan. This will take 1-2 months to complete. Co-Chair Ander suggested a JJ caucus be contacted for support in implementation. Commissioner Jacobs will ask Phil Lee if he is interested in working on this project. Commissioner Biehl will draft a report outlining her needs to complete this project. Commissioner Jacobs asked what this Committee would like Phil Lee to focus on at the Retreat. We can use Reentry and go deeper, next report to the General Assembly, or DMC's Detention and conditions of care. Co-Chair Ander added that we should focus on finding ways for our funds to be used to leverage the big money on how to spend their money. Commissioner Biehl will write a 2-page document delineating what should be the strategic plan and request funds for help from Phil Lee or Jim Bray.
    2. Raise the Age: 
      1. Status 
        Stephanie Kollman reported that rough data requests have been distributed to Committee members. One set requests demographic information on 17 year olds at different decision-points identified. The other set of data is the survey. Julie added that they need guidance on strategies of who to talk to and what questions to ask. Stephanie reported that the survey will give us numbers of arrests, geography and point of view of collar counties to get orientation and large counties are highlighted in the report. The sample counties chosen were Will and Kane, 3 or 4 medium counties and 3 small counties. This will provide a temperature of where we are. The questions are general topic  areas/prompts, which will make the survey situation more of a conversation rather than a hard yes/no answer. Direct quotes will not be used unless permission is given, but the profession and jurisdiction/county would be helpful information. People being interviewed will be given the choice of having their comments be held confidential. Contacts for help in this area are: Claudia Kasten, Lake County supervisor of Juvenile Division of State's Attorney, Ted Street, President IFOP, Disk in Chicago handles the high arrest neighborhoods, Fight Crime in Kids, and Mark Caska, Illinois State Bar Association, Commander Robert Hargerschaum, Hashim Ramaly. Stephanie asked the Committee to edit the document as they see fit and get back to her.
      2. Next Steps
        Commissioner Biehl stated that any and all feedback should be provided to Stephanie and they will then present to the Commission for additions and will present contacts to Commission for additional ideas.  Commissioner Jacobs wants to be sure we are careful with wording so we don't get a "no" response. Want to release the results/information in a format to allow the General Assembly to use the information in informed decision-making. Starting an outline of the survey, revealing the media portion and moving ahead.
  5. Communications Strategies
    Getting approval of the stakeholders at ICJIA, DJJ and DOC. Director Bishop will have Connor access DOC data base to get the data we need. Have acquired JMIS access and checking the general queries. Stephanie will write up everything done up to mid-August and then report and ask for further direction.
    1. Legislative Updates
      1. Sex offender bill SB1040:  Which expands the registry passed. An amendment was going to be introduced today, but have to look new sponsors. HB1253 retroactive registry passed in the Senate, going back to the House with an amendment which would require an advisory committee to be appointed by the Governor and include the Commission to complete a one-year impact study and monitor compliance issues for the next year. There is a fiscal note attached to the bill which states that an amount cannot be determined. It would be difficult to go back and register all of the offenders prior to 1996. Co-Chair Franco-Payne suggested that all bills in conjunction with Adam Walsh go into it.
        1. Pending Legislation (Juvenile Sex Offenders/Automatic Gun Transfer)
      2. DHS Transition Status 
  6. Other Items / Next Steps
    A meeting is upcoming to discuss fiscal implications of JCEC. 
  7. Next meeting date: Thursday, June, 23, 2011 
  8. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.