Report: Support Service Teams, First 180 Days

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Informational Bulletin

Report: Support service Teams, First 180 Days
March, 2011

Snapshot, a Quick Informal Picture

The Support Services Teams (SST) began receiving referrals on August 16. In the subsequent 180 days through February 11, 170 referrals were made to the SSTs. Since the SSTs accept referrals on a no decline basis, the distribution of referrals simply reflects the referrals made to them. The referrals, transfers and closures during this time period are shown by Team below:

Referrals to SST by Team

Name of Team Referrals thru 2/11 Transfers Closures as of 2/11 Net
Rockford 27 16 11
Chicago 24 +2 5 21
New Lenox 25 +1 3 23
Peoria 34 -1 5 28
Springfield 32 -2 9 21
Carbondale 28 5 23
TOTAL 170 0 43 127

A transfer between SST's occurs when it is determined that due to geographical logistics, a new SST will accommodate improved access in supporting the individual; or the SST becomes the service provider.

Closures are made after services are provided, the person's behavior or medical needs are less frequent or less severe, and the provider or family has new skills, behavior plans or clinical services to help.

Of the 170 persons referred to SST during this period:

  • 65% were male and 35% were female
  • The majority were in a CILA (63%), with 15% in an ICFDD, and 14% were at home (not receiving residential supports). There were a few persons in other settings.
  • Although medical concerns were included in reasons for referral for 24% of the persons referred, 2% of the persons referred were for medical reasons alone. 
  • The 146 persons who were receiving residential supports were from 88 different providers.

During the first 180 days, 13 persons referred to SST were admitted to a State-Operated Developmental Center (SODC) for a short-term intervention.

Due to placement challenges, the first person who left a SODC during December has returned to the SODC. Two more persons left during the week of February 14. Others are on target to return to their provider or a new provider in the next 30 - 60 days. Three SST referrals are also in a state-operated psychiatric facility. The following chart shows SODC admissions by SST and by SODC.

SODC admissions by SST and by SODC

Name of Team SODC Number of Admissions Number of Discharges*
Rockford Ludeman 2 (October/November)
Chicago 0
New Lenox Shapiro 2 (September/November)
New Lenox JDC 1 (November)
Peoria Shapiro 1 (October)
Peoria Ludeman 1 (February)
Springfield Shapiro 1 (February/January)
Springfield JDC 1 (January)
Carbondale JDC 2 (October/November)
Carbondate Choate 1 (November)
Total 13

*Two persons left SODC during the week of 2-14-11.  One person from the Rockford team returned to his service provider from Ludeman Developmental Center and one person from the Carbondale team returned to her provider from Jacksonville.Developmental Center.