The number of persons served by the WIC and FCM programs during SFY 2009 is presented in Table 2. FCM does not keep a separate count of the number of participating "postpartum or breastfeeding women." However, under USDA guidelines, these women comprise a separate category of eligibility for the WIC program.

Table 2

Number of Persons Served in WIC and FCM Programs by Type of Client and Program - SFY 2009

Type of Client WIC FCM
Pregnant Women 117,244 111,577
Post Partum or Breastfeeding Women 50,800 NA
Infants 188,126 165,224
Children 192,916 52,857
Total 549,086 329,658

Source: Caseload Composition Report

The caseload of FCM dropped for FY2009. The principle reason for the decreased caseload is that the Cook County Health Department (CCHD) declined to be a provider of FCM. Early in the fiscal year the CCHD caseload was reassigned. However, the disruption of service delivery is evident in the caseload figures presented in Table 3. WIC, on the other hand, continues to expand.

Table 3

Total Number of Persons Served in WIC and FCM Programs by Program and State Fiscal Year

Program FY2003 FY2004 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007 FY2008 FY2009
FCM 366,675 370,286 371,487 371,676 345,769 342,428 329,658
WIC 503,425 508,250 516,568 514,350 519,250 532,753 549,086

The WIC and FCM programs together reach approximately 48 percent of all infants and nearly 92 percent of Medicaid-eligible infants born in Illinois each year. Women who are at greatest risk for giving birth prematurely or having a baby with other health problems are over-represented in the caseload of the WIC and FCM programs. Approximately, three-fourths of African American, Hispanic, single and teen-aged women who give birth in Illinois each year participate in the WIC or FCM programs; the programs are reaching their intended target population. Refer to Table 4.

Table 4

Number and Percent of All Live Births and Live Births to WIC or FCM Participants, by Demographic Group*

Illinois, 2007

Demographic Group Number of All Live Births Percent of All Live Births Number of WIC or FCM Participants Live Births Percent of WIC or FCM Participants Live Births Percent of Group
White 134,289 76.4% 59,439 70.6% 44.3%
Black 31,274 17.8% 22,130 26.3% 70.8%
Asian and Native American ** 10,273 5.8% 2,608 3.1% 25.4%
All 175,836 100.0% 84,177 100.0% 47.9%
Hispanic 43,919 25.0% 32,610 38.7% 74.3%
Single 70,940 40.3% 55,461 65.9% 78.2%
Teen 17,944 10.2% 15,450 18.4% 86.1%

* Resident live births occurring in Illinois. From birth file released to IDHS from IDPH.

**Includes all other races.