Section IV of the Part C Grant Application FFY11

A. System of Payments / Use of Insurance / Program Income

The State does have a system of payments policy for Part C services under 20 U.S.C. 1432(4)(B), which policy may include use of public insurance and benefits, private insurance, or family fees, such as a sliding scale, to pay for Part C services. Any family fees are treated as 'program income' for purposes of 34 CFR §80.25 and are not included in the State's determination of State and local expenditures for purposes of 20 U.S.C. 1437(b)(5)(B).

Note: If the State has adopted new or has revised its existing policies and procedures regarding its system of payments, it must submit these new and/or revised policies and procedures under Item 7 in Section II.A above.

B. Restricted Indirect Cost Rate/Cost Allocation Plan Information

(Note: To be completed if Lead Agency is not a State Educational Agency.)

No indirect costs are charged to the Part C grant. The total amount of the Federal Part C grant is used for allowable direct costs.

A "provisional" indirect cost rate is a temporary rate established for a future prospective period of time to permit budgeting, obligations, and payment of funds by awarding agencies until such time as the actual indirect costs can be determined and a final rate is established for the applicable period; provisional rates are subject to adjustment by issuance of a "final" rate based on actual indirect costs incurred for the period (usually the organization's fiscal year).