DHS Personal Assistant cut from American Idol

American Idol contestant Chris Medina's Hollywood story is ending. He was told last night he did not make the final 24 he will however sing tomorrow night on the Tonight Show.

When the 27-year-old Illinois resident auditioned in Milwaukee, he was accompanied by his disabled fiancée, Juliana Ramos of Oak Forest. Juliana is a customer of our DHS Home Services Program, and Chris is one of her Personal Assistant (PAs).

Chris told the judges he proposed to Juliana two years ago and the couple were making wedding plans when tragedy struck. Juliana got into a horrible car accident on her way home from work in October 2009, and was left nearly paralyzed with significant brain damage.

After Chris sang for the judges, Juliana joined him on the stage. Chris' singing was great, but Steven Tyler was so moved by Chris and Juliana's story that he got up out of his chair, teary-eyed, walked over to Juliana, and hugged and kissed her.

Chris made it through to Hollywood, but did not make the final 24. As for their wedding, it's been placed on hold. The medical expenses are so great, a website was launched to help cover the costs.