Rule 77-2090 Emergency

Proposed Rule/Public Act

Agency Name Department of Human Services
Contact Person Tracie Drew
Address 100 South Gand Avenue East
3rd Floor
Springfield, IL 62762
Phone (217) 785-9772
Fax (217) 557-1547
Heading of the Part/Public Act Award and Monitoring of Funds
Admin Code Citation/Public Act Number 77 Ill. Adm. Code 2090
Section Numbers 2090.35
Illinois Register Citation (Page Number & Publication Date) 35 Ill. Reg. 1465
Type of Rule (New/Emergency/Amended) Emergency
Type of Impact (Reporting/Cost, Fee/Education, Credit/Other) Increased administrative time, oversight and reviews documented directly related to submission of request for approval forms related to DASA Utilization Management processes required. Understanding of the DASA UM process, computer skills to submit application forms and the ability to submit clear and concise clinical justifications for admission and continued stay reviews related to residential rehabilitation services
Business or Industry Type Affected DASA funded providers of residential rehabilitation services ( ASAM Level 3.5)
Effective Date January 7, 2011

Plain Language Explanation

This rulemaking is being proposed to change the parameters of determining medical necessity. In order to assure that services continue to be medically necessary, the Department will implement Utilization Management.


Members of the public may submit comments to the agency contact listed above. Comments should be submitted within 45-days of publication in the Illinois Register.

Public Hearing Location

Not appliciable.

Advisory Opinion

Not applicable.