Nurse-Trainer Medication Administration in the Community Course Curriculum

  • Nurse-Trainer Curriculum Manual

This manual is for the exclusive use of professional nurses trained by DHS as Nurse-Trainers, and is the official source of materials and information for training unlicensed staff to administer oral and topical medications in programs defined by Administrative Rule 116: Administration of Medication in Community Settings. Any other use is prohibited.

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Title Page (pdf)

Section 1 - Evaluation Application

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Section 2 - Administrative Rule 116

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Section 3 - Memos and Letters

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Section 4 - Nursing Assessment

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Section 5 Presenter's Guide

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Section 6 - Appendix A Teaching Materials

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Section 7 - Appendix B Body Systems

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Section 8 - Appendix C Administration of Medication Check Lists

Section 9 - Appendix D Overheads

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Section 10 - Appendix E Testing Materials

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Section 11 - Appendix F Suggested Documentation

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Section 12 - Completion of Nursing Services Packet (NSP)

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Section 13 - DHS Nurse-Trainer Program Computer-Based Post-Test Details

  • As of January 2012, a DHS Nurse-Trainer Training Program computer-based post test has been added.  This will enhance the competency assessment of newly enrolled nurse-trainers and before becoming a nurse-trainer.
  • After completion of the required three webinars training course, RNs must first complete the DHS Request/Approval for RN Nurse-Trainer Status (IL462-4401) form and return it to or fax to Anne Fitz at (217) 782-9535.
  • Upon completion of the DHS Nurse-Trainer Program, prospective RNs must take a DHS Nurse-Training computer-based post test that was added as of January, 2012. The computer-based test will be assigned to you by the Division of Developmental Disabilities after your attendance at the webinars is verified and required documentation was received.
  • You must complete the computer-based test within 10 working days upon receipt of the test link email received from the Division of Developmental Disabilities. This test cannot completed by using your phone.
  • If you do not complete the Nurse-Trainer test with at least 90%, you may retake the test up to three times. If you do not complete the Nurse-Trainer test the third time with at least 90%, you must retake the Nurse-Trainer two live webinars before retaking the Nurse-Trainer test.

Contact Information

Division of Developmental Disabilities, Bureau of Quality Management or (217) 785-6183.