Announcement of Division of Developmental Disabilities Information Bulletins

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

Announcement of Division Information Bulletins


The Division is establishing the use of Division Bulletins in an effort to improve and organize the various formal communications released from the Division to stakeholders. We have developed a page on the Department's web site where these will be posted, organized and updated. Please see DDD Information Bulletins

A simple numbering system is being used for these Bulletins:

in the case of this document, it is numbered DD10.001.

  • DD.10.001. - Reflects the division source. This is utilized to clearly separate these Bulletins from documents released by other Divisions within the Department.
  • DD.10.001.10 - Reflects the calendar year in which the Bulletin is established.
  • DD.10.001 - Reflects the number of the Bulletin. In this case, it is the first of the calendar year.

The titles of Bulletins will be written such that they lend themselves to a key word search for ease of use. For example, "Emergency ICF/DD Closure", could be found using a search of either "emergency", "ICF/DD," or "closure."

A note will be sent to takeholders when a new Informational Bulletin is released informing them of its availability on the web site.