Chapter 900 (DDPAS-9)

Retirement from Active Treatment

900.10 Purpose of the DDPAS-9  

The DDPAS 9 is only to be used (and is required) for persons age 60 and over who are seeking admission to a nursing facility and who wish to retire from active treatment. It documents the decision and the action taken as a result of the decision.

900.20 Criteria for Retirement from Active Treatment

An individual with developmental disabilities may elect to retire from active treatment and be admitted to a nursing facility under the following conditions:

  1. The individual must require 24-hour nursing care. The DDPAS-4 (24-hour Nursing Care Determination) must substantiate this need.
  2. The individual must need active treatment. The DDPAS-5 (Determination of Intellectual Disability or Related Condition and Associated Treatment Needs) must substantiate this need.
  3. The individual must be at least 60 years of age.
  4. The individual must be competent to choose to retire (or have a legal guardian who chooses retirement on behalf of the individual).

900.30 Necessary Action for Retirement From Active Treatment

If an individual is eligible and chooses to retire from active treatment, the ISC agency must inform the individual and legal guardian of the following:

  1. Payment would be precluded for the following services, which would be paid for in an active treatment setting if appropriate for the individual's needs:
    1. Developmental training
    2. Sheltered employment
    3. Additional staff support for assistance with augmentative communication devices.
    4. Additional staff support and specialized training to assist the individual in developing skills related to his/her disability.
  2. The following services would not be available:
    1. Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD, ICF/DD-16).
    2. Home and Community-Based Waiver services.

Involvement in these services, if existing, would cease, and later enrollment in these services would be prohibited, unless the individual (or guardian) decides to return to active treatment status (i.e., to "unretire").

900.40 Required Documentation

  1. After the individual (or guardian) has made the decision, the ISC agency will complete, sign, and date the DDPAS 9 with a copy placed in the individual's file. The ISC agency will document whether the individual will retire from active treatment.
  2. The ISC agency will inform the individual or legal guardian that he/she may reconsider this choice at any time.
  3. The signature of the individual or legal guardian verifies that she/he has chosen to retire from active treatment. The ISC QIDP signature verifies that she/he has explained the content of the form to the individual or legal guardian and that the ISC agency believes that the individual or legal guardian understands the information presented. Signature by anyone other than a ISC QIDP will be considered invalid by the Department of Human Services.