Chapter 600 (DDPAS-6)

Identification of Service Needs

600.10  Purpose of the DDPAS-6

The purpose of the DDPAS-6 is to provide an initial identification of the individual's service needs. This identification of service needs is conducted with input from the individual and/or guardian and shall be consulted by prospective service providers and other interested parties as a basis for service planning.

The service needs identified on the DDPAS-6 are meant to be comprehensive in nature and sufficient to address the individual's needs in all areas of life. Individuals and/or guardians may elect to emphasize certain identified service needs and defer others to later consideration. Individuals and/or guardians and their service providers may also identify additional service needs after the PAS is completed.

As services are initiated, the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) must address in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) all service needs identified on the DDPAS-6, whether or not they are included as goals and objectives. Needs must be identified without regard to current availability of services.

600.20 Completing the DDPAS-6

  1. Provide the name of the ISC agency, as well as the individual's name and social security number.
  2. The ISC agency must check the identified service needs as applicable, providing individualized information that will be helpful in future service planning. Use blank lines or an additional page if additional service needs are identified. Some examples are:
    1. Day Program-Other (Specify: Senior Citizens' Program) - Daily to maintain social skills and motor abilities.
    2. Psychotherapy/Counseling - Weekly to treat inappropriate anger and traumatization.
    3. Modification of Home - Entrance/Exit Ramp for Wheelchair
    4. Respite - Once weekly for four hours, year-round to provide support during family errands.
  3. The ISC agency must sign and date the form as indicated. (If information is provided on an additional page or pages, it must be checked in the signature block that additional information is attached.)