Chapter 300 (DDPAS-3)

Medication Review

300.10 Purpose

The purpose of the DDPAS-3 is to document the individual's current, and, if applicable, past medication issues. With regard to past medication issues, it is only necessary to obtain such information within the past 90 days.

If there are unusual circumstances resulting in a lack of information regarding an individual's past or current medication regimen, the PAS agency must thoroughly document the unusual circumstances along with the agency's efforts to ameliorate them. Such documentation must be attached to the DDPAS-3 and placed in the individual's file.

The DDPAS-3 must be consistent with medication information developed in psychiatric and physical assessments.

300.20 Required Documentation

The DDPAS-3 must reflect the following information:

  1. Pertinent medication issues specific to the individual, including allergies.
  2. Medications prescribed, and, if applicable, discontinued over the past 90 days.
  3. Date of inception for the medication, and, if applicable, the date of discontinuation for the medication.
  4. Name of each medication the individual is currently receiving, and, if applicable, has received over the past 90 days.
  5. Amount and frequency of current medication, and, if applicable, medication discontinued during the past 90 days.
  6. Reason or condition for which each medication was prescribed, and, if applicable, discontinued.
  7. Effect of each medication, either positive or negative.
  8. Source of the information

If necessary, the ISC agency must also document directly on the DDPAS-3 whether corroborating information or additional pages accompany the form.

If the individual is not currently receiving any medication prescribed by a physician, the ISC agency must use the DDPAS-3 to indicate that this is the case.