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The monitoring report needs to contain a summary of the above questions specifying whether or not violations were found, and if so, to specify the violation or violations. It is necessary also, to specify whether or not status offenders are being securely detained, and whether or not juvenile delinquent offenders are securely detained. Within the comment section it is also important to detail all changes since last inspection. An example of this would be the number of status offender's securely detained, number of juvenile offenders detained not sight, or sound separate since last inspection. Any problems noted during the inspection of either status offender records or juvenile logs should be noted as well within this section. If no violations were found, it is important to indicate the facility's full compliance.

The person being interviewed should indicate during the inspection the full process of handling juvenile status and delinquent offenders. It is important that the inspector note all pertinent information, which would reflect changes within the policy or operating procedures of the department, and list all changes that might have or will occur within the year.