SECTION V Reporting on JMIS

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  1. Question: Does this facility report on JMIS

    Reference: Illinois Municipal Jail and Lockup Standards 720.130 b)1)2)

    Regarding the population reports, the Chief of Police or any other responsible supervisor designated by him, shall furnish monthly reports to the Jail and Detention Standards Unit, utilizing the appropriate forms supplied by the Unit. The report shall include the total number of juvenile males and juvenile females securely detained during the month; the initials, date of birth, age, sex, and race of each juvenile; the offense and offense code for which the juvenile is being held; whether the juvenile has been adjudicated; the date and time the juvenile was securely detained; the date time the juvenile was released; and to whom the juvenile was released or transferred.

    Reports shall be submitted by the tenth day following each month, including those months in which no persons were detained. Reports shall include only those persons securely detained and not those merely arrested.

  2. Question: If so, was the JMIS data consistent with the juvenile log?

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    It is essential that the Monitor check JMIS monthly reports against lockup or jail logs to determine accuracy of JMIS reporting.

  3. Question: Was the use of the JMIS form explained, and were blank forms left?

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    It is important to explain in detail to the agency being monitored, the use of the JMIS report. If this agency has not been provided or is presently not utilizing the JMIS report, forms should be left and explained in detail. It is important for the agencies to understand the necessity of reporting on the JMIS reports of all juveniles being securely detained.

  4. Question: Are juvenile records prohibited from being open to public inspection or disclosure except by appropriate authority?

    Reference: Illinois Juvenile Court Act 2002 Edition, Section 705ILCS 405/1-8

    Which reflects, that all juvenile court records shall not be made available to the general public but may be inspected by representatives of agencies, associations and news media or other properly interested persons by general or special order of the court. It should be noted, that the Secretary of State of whom the Clerk of the Court shall report the disposition of all cases, as required in Section 6-204 of the Illinois Vehicle Code 6251LCS 5/5-204. Information reported relative to these offenses shall be privileged and available only to the Secretary of State, Courts and Police Officers.

  5. Question: Are status offenders entered into the juvenile detention log?

    Reference: Illinois County Jail Standards, Section 701.270(a)(4)(D) and Illinois Municipal Jail andLockup Standards.720.150 a)4)d)

    A log shall be kept that shows the offense which is the basis for the detention, reasons and circumstances for the decision to detain and the length of time that the minor was in detention. To further understand this question it shall be noted that a status offense is defined under the Illinois Juvenile Court Act 705ILCS 405/5-5(4). Except for minors accused of violation of an order of the court, any minor accused of an act under federal, state Law and municipal ordinance which would not be illegal if committed by an adult, can not be placed in a jail, municipal lockup, detention center, or secure correctional facility. To further understand, the JMIS report should only indicate the secure detention of those who are delinquent. Status offenders are not to be securely detained.