Role of the State Advisory Board

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7. Role of the State Advisory Group

At each of the quarterly IJJC meetings, a monitoring compliance report is presented. The IJJC (Illinois' State Advisory Group (SAG)) is also provided with an annual compliance report for each of the four core requirements. The reports identify the core requirements, provide a summary of the current status, and include supporting documentation.

Individual IJJC Commissioners are also involved in working with local government agencies in the event that compliance issues become a concern. For example, one county may be inappropriately holding status offenders in secure detention. The IJJC then discusses strategies to help the county improve in this area. One strategy may be that a Commissioner who is well respected by county officials convenes a meeting with IDHS staff, county juvenile justice staff and other stakeholders to identify ways to reduce the number of status offender confinements.

In addition, IJJC has adopted the following policies:

  1. Applicants and grantees must be in full compliance with the four core requirements of the JJDP Act in order to receive IJJC funds.
  2. Grantees must report any finding of non-compliance with the four core requirements to the IJJC within 15 days of discovery. If notified within the 15 days, then the IJJC will work with the jurisdiction to correct the situation and prevent further incidents of non-compliance. If notified after 15 days, IJJC will treat non-compliance as a violation of the core requirements and consider termination of grant funding for that grantee.