Identification of Monitoring Universe

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2. Identification of the Monitoring Universe

The state must identify all public and private residential facilities in which juveniles could be placed under the Illinois Juvenile Court Act. IDOC and IDJJ are the exclusive sources of identifying and classifying public secure residential facilities that would be monitored for compliance with the JJDP Act. An updated Master Universe List for jails, municipal lockups,

Detention centers and IDJJ facilities are compiled by IDOC and IDJJ after on-site inspection and the list is submitted to IDHS. The list is computerized, reviewed by above agencies and updated regularly. The list has seven data elements (facility, report to eJMIS, holds juveniles securely, source of inspections, last date of inspection and next scheduled date of inspection, public or private facility and juvenile and or adult).

IDOC has four field staff who dedicates 50 percent of their time to monitoring jails, municipal lockups and other facilities for juvenile core requirements and state juvenile standards and one support service person at 100 percent of time.

IDJJ has one field staff monitoring juvenile detention centers and IYC facilities 100 percent of time for above requirements