Activity’s and Timetables

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Activities and Timetables

Illinois has successfully implemented a coordinated strategy to monitor compliance with the JJDP Act. The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, which is housed within the Illinois Department of Human Services, works closely with the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) to monitor compliance. Staff from the IDOC, IDJJ and IDHS gather information, classify the facilities and inspect the facilities. As issues arise at local facilities, the AOIC is often included in the discussion and development of a strategy with the local facility to maintain compliance.

Compliance monitoring activities and use of timetables occur continuously throughout the three-year grant cycle. Secure facilities that hold juveniles are inspected annually. Detention monitoring is accomplished through self-reporting by secure facilities to the Juvenile Monitoring and Information System (JMIS, and since moving to a web-based platform in 2003/2004 is now referred to as JMIS), review of IDOC and IDJJ inspection reports and on-site visits conducted periodically by IDOC, IDJJ and IDHS staff to verify both the self-reported data and sight and sound separation. The IDHS coordinates all elements of the reporting system as well as operates the JMIS, the automated data collection system for not only IDOC and IDHS but also the AOIC and the IDJJ.

IDOC and IDJJ will continue to use its legislative authority to conduct on-site inspections and monitor state laws and regulations. The data reported on JMIS and the data collected by IDOC and IDJJ are verified on-site through a grant to IDOC and IDJJ. IDOC and staff visit jails, municipal lockups as well as facilities such as airport authorities, Illinois State Police headquarters, large shopping malls and sports arenas. IDJJ staff visit juvenile detention centers and IYC facilities.

During on-site visits IDOC and IDJJ staff also provide technical assistance to facilities in coming into compliance with JJDP Act requirements and clarify reporting errors found in the jmis.

The IDHS compliance monitor is responsible for overseeing the process, coordinating with other state agencies and compiling data collected by IDOC, IDJJ and JMIS. The compliance monitor

Assists in the updating and development of the JMIS computer program, provides technical assistance to local agencies, maintains monitoring data and drafts the compliance monitoring report.

As indicated in the enclosed budget, Illinois is allocating $275,000 towards compliance monitoring activities.