B. Plan for Seperation of Juveniles From Adult Offenders

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3B - Plan for Separation of Juveniles from Adult Offenders

Juveniles alleged to be or found to be delinquent, status offenders, and non-offenders shall not have contact with adult persons who are incarcerated because they have been convicted of a crime or are awaiting trial on criminal charges. The separation of juveniles from adults must be both by sight and sound.

There were no changes to plan for Separation. However, an update of Illinois current status is provided below.


Illinois has a strong history of being in compliance with the separation requirements of the JJDP Act. Before the core requirements of the Act were established, the state had statutorily mandated that adult and juvenile offenders be held sight and sound separate. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 there were no findings of non-compliance with the separation requirement.

Plan to Maintain Compliance

Illinois continues to devote significant resources towards compliance monitoring activities. The activities to ensure the state maintains compliance with the separation requirement are the same as described in the compliance monitoring section of this plan. The IJJC believes that by having the compliance monitoring function address several core requirements it is a more efficient use of resources.