Cheri's Success

Cheri: I've been an LPN for 37 years. Part of that time, however, was on disability due to severe arthritis. This last time, I was off for four years…

Announcer: Cheri Taylor was desperate to go back to work, but concerned she would lose her disability benefits…

Cheri: The benefits part was a concern, but one day I got a "Ticket To Work." It's like a beam of light came through my mailbox.

Announcer: So, Cheri called the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services. There are many work incentives that enable you to keep your check while you begin to earn a salary.

Cheri: It gives a lot of self-esteem when you're back making a wage and able to do what you want for others as well as yourself.

Announcer: Could Cheri's success be yours, too? Call the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services at 877-761-9780. That's 877-761-9780.

Cheri: Talk with DRS because they're there to help.

Sponsored by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services, the Illinois Broadcasters Association, and this station.

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