Section 10 – Formula Grants Program Staff

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Section 10 - Formula Grants Program Staff

There have been two significant changes to formula grants program staff since the FFY 2009 application. One part-time compliance monitor has been added due to increased workload. and one full-time staff position (a Social Services Program Planner IV) is now vacant due to a retirement at the end of December 2009. Brief position descriptions for both of these positions are provided below.

Social Services Program Planner IV
DHS Payroll Staff at 100%

Subject to the management approval of the Juvenile Justice Specialist, performs sophisticated, complex statewide program development and review; monitors all facets of federal juvenile justice grant program. Specifically, develops and drafts Requests for Proposals for the federal Title II Formula Grants program; reviews local agency proposals and monitors programs; analyzes local agency budget plans; tracks periodic grantee data, progress and fiscal reports; and provides consultation to Title II grantees; conducts on-site visits for statewide grants to ascertain grant fulfillment and provide technical assistance in problem areas. Coordinates the development and process of grant applications, awards and closures for juvenile justice grants.

Part-Time Compliance Monitor
Contractual Staff at 100%

This individual, under contract with the Youth Network Council and under the supervision of the Juvenile Justice Specialist, is responsible for detention and jail removal compliance monitoring. Specific duties include the following: 1) collects, reviews and analyzes monitoring data provided by the eJMIS system (Electronic Juvenile Monitoring Information System) and the Illinois Department of Corrections and Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDOC/IDJJ, respectively); and 2) through on-site visits and in collaboration with the IDOC, IDJJ, and local juvenile detention center and local and county jail personnel, identifies problems and consults with the Juvenile Justice Specialist to effect solutions for maintaining compliance with State standards, statutes and federal guidelines. The work of this position is directed by the JJ Specialist and Juvenile Justice Commission through the contractor.

IDHS Programs for Juvenile Offenders and At Risk Youth

There has been one significant change to the programs provided since the FFY 2009 application. The Crossroads program was discontinued due to state budgetary issues. This program was not supported with federal OJJDP funds.

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