Online Courses

  1. DHS Testing of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Administrator, Computer-Based Learning (CBL) course - designed to prepare supervisory staff to administer the TABE Survey Reading Test. You must have a myNetLearning ID to take the CBL on the myNetLearning System. 
  2. McGraw-Hill TABE Survey Reading Test - can be used in lieu of the manual TABE test. It is accessed through the McGraw-Hill web site. Agencies are responsible for arranging this testing, which is by subscription.
  3. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Rule 50 Training (text version)
  4. DHS OIG Rule 50 Training, Computer-Based Learning (CBL) - You must have a myNetLearning ID to take the Rule 50 training that is on the myNetLearning System.  For more details see the OIG Rule 50 Training page.