PUNS Summary Reports

Some of these reports are available in PDF form only. Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access the information in these files.

For additional assistance, please contact DHS.DDD.PUNS@illinois.gov

Public Act 93-0503 requires DHS to compile and maintain a cross-disability database of Illinois residents with disabilities who potentially need IDHS-funded disability services. 

  • Summary of PUNS by County and Township (pdf)
  • Summary of PUNS by County and Selection Detail (pdf)
  • Summary of PUNS by Zip Code (pdf)

These reports are no longer available via the web site.  If you need to see a copy of the report, send a request to  DHS.DDD.PUNS@illinois.gov

The State of Illinois is divided into districts, the two reports following are compiled by House of Representative District and Illinois State Senators Districts:

  NOTE:  for a map of the ISC areas, please contact DHS.DDD.PUNS@illinois.gov

Reports last updated 6/05/24