Teen REACH Staff/Mentor/Volunteer Handbook

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We wish to welcome you and thank you for your desire to serve the youth of our community. We look forward to working with you to provide students the opportunity to enrich their lives through maintaining a safe and engaging environment. Teen REACH is often the turning point in our students' lives and can be a very rewarding place to work. We often see our efforts rewarded as struggles transform into successes.


Teen REACH is not a latchkey program. It is a long-term intervention program for students who are at-risk for problems that could inhibit future success. Students are enrolled in the program with the understanding that the students and their families make a commitment to participate in all facets of the program. We view the staff, volunteers, school, student, family, and even the community at large as partners in the success of the student. Teen REACH provides a variety of services to support students and their families that include; academic assistance, life skills, parent involvement, recreation, sports, cultural activities, positive adult mentors, and service learning. In order to provide solid programming and an engaging environment our staff and volunteers will employ all of these core services.



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