Adding Direct Support Person (DSP) to the Healthcare Worker Registry

Important: The Department's policy is that at least one fully-trained DSP must be on site at the CILA, Developmental Training site, etc., any time one or more persons are receiving services. A fully-trained DSP is defined as a person who is reported on the Health Care Worker Registry (HCWR) as a DD Aide.

Division of Developmental Disabilities review staff and Illinois Department of Public Health have noticed continuing incidences of DSP training records not being reported to the Health Care Worker Registry (HCWR).

Three components to successfully adding DSPs and their training records to the HCWR:

  1. Demographic information of the DSP's Illinois State Police (ISP) background check result (name-based or fingerprint) must reported promptly and accurately to the HCWR.  Per the Division's Training Requirements Manual:
    • Providers are responsible for checking the HCWR to verify that the background check results were received and posted to the HCWR.
    • If results are not posted within two (2) business days after the fingerprint vendor captures the fingerprint image, it is the Provider's responsibility to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health's HCWR web site or by calling the HCWR toll-free at 1-844-789-3676 (TTY:  1-800-547-0466) or fingerprint vendor to determine what needs to be done to get the background check result posted.
    • Providers must include a copy of the HCWR clearance with Social Security Number verification showing the DD Aide designation in the DSP's personnel or training record or other location readily accessible to Department reviewers. 
  2. Within 30 days of completing DSP training, Providers must enter the DSP's training information through the Southern Illinois University (SIU) DSP Training Registry.  SIU uploads DSP training completion records daily to the HCWR.
    • The Provider's DSP Course Coordinator or designee is to check the HCWR two (2) business days after the training records are entered to verify that the DD Aide designation is posted to the DSP's HCWR record.
    • If the training results are not posted within this time frame, it is the Provider's responsibility to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health's HCWR to determine what needs to be done to get the training record posted.
  3. Information on a person's Illinois State Police (ISP) background check must match exactly with information entered through the DSP Training Registry before the designation "DD Aide" is recorded on the name-based HCWR under "Programs" or if using the IDPH Web Portal under "Certification" Section.

Requirements and responsibilities for Provider follow-up are specified in:

Should you have questions about this process, please contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities' Quality Enhancement Section at or 217-782-9438.