Daniel Tate

Daniel Tate is a proud member of the team at Lowe's Home Improvement in Belleville, Illinois. He does everything from loading heavy appliances to watering plants. He is regarded by his store manager, Pam Thurston, as, "A good employee who always comes to work with a good attitude and a smile on his face."

By all measures, Daniel is a success at his job. But, as Daniel will tell you, success has a much deeper meaning to him. "Success is job satisfaction and feeling great about my job, not just a paycheck. Success is my living independently in my own apartment, not in a group home." And the success that Daniel speaks of has happened, in part, because of the services provided to him through the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Daniel has always been a hard worker. Before his work at Lowe's he was working as a dinning hall attendant at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois, with assistance from Challenge Unlimited, a community rehabilitation provider who works with DRS. He was also living in a group home. Daniel liked his job, but wanted to have more independence and further his work skills.

DRS worked with Daniel and Challenge Unlimited to provide vocational counseling and job placement services. The result was a great job match and a terrific employment outcome for both Daniel and Lowe's.

Daniel was also able to receive assistance with living more independently. "I was living in a group home and now I live in my own apartment. Everything has completely changed!"

Daniel also sees the value he brings to Lowe's. "I fit in Lowe's Company well and I like being part of their team. They love me to death!" So much so that Lowe's recently named him "Employee of the Month." Working together makes success happen; just ask Daniel Tate.

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