05.02.04 - Procedures for Transitioning Children with Disabilities

Procedures for Transitioning Children with Disabilities Policy Number and Last Update

  1. Meet with the family at least a month before the family's scheduled departure, to explain the transition process, offer resources, and to go over their rights and responsibilities.
  2. Obtain a signed "Permission to Reveal Confidential Information" from the parents.
  3. If the family identifies a specific program that their child will be transitioning to, contact the program (preferably by phone or email) to inquire about services provision, eligibility, documentation required, etc.
  4. If the family does not have a program in mind, research to the best of your ability, the resources or programs available in the area to which they are moving, and discuss the possibilities, and their eligibility requirements, with the parents and provide them with any relevant resources.
  5. Prepare a "Transition Packet" which must contain:
    • Reports from the multi-disciplinary diagnostic evaluation;
    • Current IEP/IFSP;
    • Any additional information relevant to child's condition and/or development (e.g. special documentation; screenings; assessments; requested or required, by the program the child is transitioning to, etc.)
    • Copy of the transition letter sent to the next placement, if any; and
    • Copy of the parent's consent to release their child's health and education services information.
  6. Contact the program to start transition process, explain that a transition packet will be mailed and/or delivered, and identify a contact person who can assist you with transitioning the child back to Illinois.
  7. At least a month before the family is scheduled to return to Illinois, or relocate to your service area, call the contact person within the program serving the child during the winter months, and initiate the transition process [could be through the Transition Coordinator (TC) in McAllen, Texas, if the family moves to that area]. Ensure that the information is received by your program before the family arrives in Illinois.
  8. After the transition information is received, contact the service providers in your local area to secure services, make preliminary appointments, initiate process for re-evaluations, etc. so that these are set by the time the child arrives in Illinois, or transfers to an IMSHS center.
  9. If the child transitions to local public school, follow steps 1 through 5 above, and be available to attend IEP meetings and/or any other meetings that will ensure a successful transition.
  10. All the items described above need to be included in the Delegate's Transition Plan.