04.02.09 - Home Visit/Parent-Teacher Conference Procedure

Home Visit/Parent-Teacher Conference Procedure Policy Number and Last Update (04.02.09/01-2011)


Home visits and parent conferences are used to discuss the child's individual development and progress, assisting the parents in developing and/or enhancing observational skills and soliciting parent observations.


  1. Teachers are required to have two parent/teacher contracts.
    1. One of these two contacts must be done in the child's home (home visit).
    2. If the program operates less than eight weeks, or you have families that are enrolled less than eight weeks, the requirement is to have at least one parent contact, preferably a home visit.
  2. Always schedule the home visits and the parent-teacher conferences per parent's availability, including evenings or weekend, if necessary.
  3. The Director and Education Coordinator adapt the work schedule, and/or pay overtime, for staff participating in evening meetings.


1st Parent/Teacher Contact - Collaborate in setting appropriate learning objectives.

  1. For preschool children, use the Head Start Framework requirements and obtain from public school a general outline of the suggested skills a child should have before entering Kindergarten (e.g. Recognize five colors, know shapers, writes own name, etc.)
  2. Have some goals suggestions prepared before the meeting.
  3. During the conference, discuss child's home routines, behaviors, and activities.
  4. Briefly explain assessment tool, curriculum, and schedules.
  5. Collaborate on setting appropriate learning goals and objectives.
  6. Use the Parent/Teacher conference form to write goals. Be specific and realistic. For example, one goal could be, "Maria will learn 10 letters of the alphabet", instead of, "Maria will learn the alphabet". The objectives could include how you plan to accomplish the goals set.
  7. Invite parents to visit or volunteer in classroom.
  8. File the Parent/Teacher Conference form in the general family file and record in the Education Services Track Sheet (copy could be kept in the portfolio, if needed).
  9. Keep the parents informed of the child's progress by sending "Notitas". (Keep copies of all notes sent to parents in the general family file.)

2nd Parent/Teacher Contact - Use the Parent/Teacher Conference form to summarize the child's growth and development. File in family's general file and record in Education Services Track sheet.

  1. Verbally summarize the child's learning development accomplishments and ask for parent comments.
  2. Give the parent a copy of their child's current assessment and history report. If necessary, ask the Education Coordinator to get the parent's written authorization to send these reports to the child's next destination or TX's transition office.