03.05.03e - Delivery of Food to Classrom Policy and Procedure

Delivery of Food to Classroom Policy and Procedure Policy Number and Last Update (03.05.03e/09-2015)

  1. Cooks deliver food to each classroom on time. The center sets meal times for every classroom. These meal times are written on the posted menu. Meals are delivered at the same time each day so that the children will not have to wait. If meals will be late due to unavoidable circumstances, the cook will let the teachers know as soon as possible.
  2. Every center develops and follows a procedure to get the meal count from each classroom to the kitchen early in the day. If more children arrive after teachers have sent the meal count to the kitchen, they must report this to the cook. This will help the cook know how much food to prepare and ensure adequate food is available for the children.
  3. Cooks deliver sufficient food from the kitchen for one and a half servings per person, including adults who are eating with the children.
  4. Cooks deliver food to the classroom in a complete set of small serving bowls or plates for each table, with child-sized serving spoons and pitchers for each table.
  5. Cooks also bring a complete set of tableware and napkins for each child and adult, and a few extras, in case of accidents. No disposable plates, bowls, cups, glasses or utensils are to be used.
  6. Cooks deliver food at the proper temperature and ready for the children to eat. Fruits and vegetables should be cut in pieces, salads should be dressed, eggs peeled, etc. The cooks must cut and prepare all foods to meet each child's developmental need to avoid choking hazards. (Per Illinois Licensing Standards: Children under two years of age shall not be served candies, small berries, raisins, corn kernels, raw carrots, whole grapes, hot dogs, nuts, seeds, popcorn, raw peas or peanut butter, as these foods may cause choking. The cooks should not deliver these foods to the young toddler classroom. However, cooked carrots, peas, berries and corn mashed or pureed are allowed.)