03.05.01e - Policy Statement Food Service Program

Policy Statement Food Service Program Policy Number and Last Update 

All food and beverages served in the Illinois Migrant Head Start Project will:

  • Provide Good Nutrition
  • Teach Healthy Eating Habits
  • Support the Dental Program

This policy is for all foods served to the children and for any foods purchased for program-sponsored events including: Holiday Celebrations, Birthdays, Parent Activities, Classroom Activities, Food Service Program, Field Trips, and Meetings 

When staff persons bring food for themselves, they may not eat or drink it in the children's presence.

Nutrition Philosophy:

We believe that all children have the right to adequate amounts of healthy, high-quality foods. We believe children with adequate diets are healthy, attentive learners. We further believe that parents want the very best for their children.

Since children are our most important resource, it is our responsibility to work together as parents and staff to teach children about healthy food. We strive to do this in the following ways:

  • We offer a low-sugar, low-salt diet which avoids excessive fat.
  • We stress healthy, nutritious food rather than sweet or empty calorie food.
  • We also believe that adults set an example by serving and eating only nutritious foods during all program activities.
  • Sometimes we do serve foods containing small amounts of sugar , honey, or fat, but these foods also provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals which help our children be healthy.
  • We serve meals and snacks which allow the children to serve themselves. The children learn to serve their own food, practice safe ways to handle food, practice table manners, socialize at meals, and are encouraged to try new foods.
  • We do not use food to punish or reward children.
  • By following these guidelines, we are really helping children and their families to have a healthy attitude about good nutritious foods and to make wise choices about foods.
  • We believe in this policy because children are very important to us and need to be given the best nutrition that we can offer.