03.03.07 - Delegate Emergency, Safety, and Health Plan & Procedure Requirements

Delegate Emergency, Safety, and Health Plan & Procedure Requirements Policy Number and Last Update (03.03.07/01-2019) §1302.47 (b) (7) (8) 

Illinois Migrant Head Start Delegate Agencies must develop and annually update the following written plans and procedures:

  • Medical / Accident Emergency Plan
  • Dental Emergency Plan
  • Fire Evacuation Plan (including evacuation-route diagrams)
  • Tornado Plan
  • Earthquake Plan
  • Bus Emergency Evacuation Plan (if applicable)
  • Bus Route Plan (including maps, if applicable)
  • Short-Term Exclusion & Re-Admission (Sick Child) Policy
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • Smoke-Free Environment Policy
  • Administration of Medications Procedure
  • Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures and Schedules
  • Daily Playground Safety Canvass (prior to children entering playground area)
  • Other Emergency and Health/Safety Plans (as necessary to meet individual center's needs)

These plans and procedures are to be developed to meet each center's individual circumstances with guidance, samples, and technical assistance from the grantee and with the guidance and expertise of their Health Services Advisory Committee. All plans must meet the requirements of the Illinois Day Care Licensing Standards, Head Start Performance Standards, Illinois Health Department Regulations, Illinois Fire Marshall, and other rules and regulations that may apply.

All staff must be trained on these plans and procedures per the IMSHS Pre-service Training Requirements and as each new staff person is hired.