03.03.03e - Diapering Procedure 1302.47(b)(6)(i)

Diapering Procedure Policy Number and Last Update
(03.03.03e/04-2019) §1302.47 (6) (i)

This procedure will be followed every time a diaper is changed.
(If program uses "Diaper Genie", see Diaper Genie procedure)

  1. If the changing surface is not impervious, non-absorbent, place non-absorbent paper on changing table.
  2. Wash hands well using IMSHS Hand Washing Procedures.
  3. Gather items needed to change diaper: a fresh diaper; disposable latex, or equivalent, gloves; plastic bags and ties for diapers and clothes (if needed); and, damp paper towels.
  4. Put on the disposable gloves.
  5. Pick up child and carry to the changing table, keeping any soiled clothing away from you, and place child on changing table.
  6. Remove any soiled clothing and securely tie in plastic bag to send home. (If clothing is extremely soiled, rinse out after completing these procedures and place in a clean bag.)
  7. Unfasten the diaper, clean child's bottom as best as you can with unsoiled parts of the old diaper, wiping front to back, then place diaper aside out of reach of child.
  8. Use the damp paper towels to clean the child's bottom from front to back until clean, making sure that the folds and creases of the thighs and buttocks are clean. Use as many towels as necessary.
  9. Place used towels in/on soiled diaper; fold the diaper over and secure it with the tabs; put in plastic bag; tie and put in covered, plastic-lined, step waste receptacle.
  10. Check for any spills under the baby; clean with damp towel if needed.
  11. Remove the gloves and put them directly into the step waste receptacle.
  12. Wipe your hands with a damp towel.
  13. Slide the fresh diaper under the baby, adjust and fasten it.
  14. Wash child's hands using the IMSHS Hand Washing Procedures.
  15. Return child to play or crib area.
  16. Remove disposable paper from changing table and place in step waste receptacle.
  17. Clean any visible soil from the changing table.
  18. Disinfect the table by spraying it with Bleach Sanitizing Solution*. Leave the solution on the surface for 2 minutes. The surface can then be wiped dry or left to air dry.
  19. Wash your hands using the IMSHS Hand Washing Procedure.

Diaper receptacles must be emptied as many times a day as necessary to ensure the lid will always securely close. Receptacles must also be emptied at the end of each day, no matter how full, and cleaned and sanitized (with Bleach Sanitizing Solution).


  1. Never leave a child alone on a changing table. Always collect supplies before beginning.
  2. Never turn away from a child on the changing table. Always keep one hand on the child while reaching for other items.
  3. Never change a child on the floor. Always place the child on the changing table.
  4. Never use cornstarch or powder on child because it coats the child's lungs.
  5. Never use ointment or lotion on a child's skin, unless diaper rash is present and a doctor has prescribed it or parents have signed authorization for use of a non-prescription preparation.

*Bleach Sanitizing Solution: Mix one-fourth cup of household bleach to one gallon of water or 1 tablespoon of bleach to one quart of water. This solution must be kept in labeled containers used only for this purpose, always placed out of the reach of children and not near food or drink items. It must be made fresh daily as it deteriorates rapidly, and the unused portion disposed of at the end of the day by pouring down the sink drain or toilet.