03.02.04 - Health Services Advisory Committee Agenda Requirements

Health Services Advisory Committee Agenda Requirements Policy Number and Last Update (03.02.04/01-2019) SUBPART D-Health Program Services §1302.40 (b)

The purpose of the Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) is to participate in planning, operation, and evaluation of the delegate's health services program. This committee also assists the program in meeting it's goal of establishing community partnerships and developing collaborative relationships and agreements with community agencies and organizations.

The range of functions of the committee includes:

  1. Assisting the program in meeting the Head Start Performance Standards, providing technical assistance on the Health Services and Health Safety plan implementation;
  2. Problem-Solving - problems identified either by staff members, parents, or professionals (e.g. problems with dental treatment referrals);
  3. Developing policies and procedures;
  4. Evaluating the health plan and program, participating in the program's planning process;
  5. Identifying health and nutritional needs of the community and of the children and families the program services, participating in the program's Community Assessment;
  6. Assisting Head Start to identify all medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional resources within the service area community and to establish collaborative relationships and agreements with these resources;
  7. Assisting in development and provision of health education programs for staff, parents, and children;
  8. Advising in budgeting and legal matters;
  9. Acting as child health advocates within the greater community.

The IMSHS Delegate's HSAC will meet, at a minimum once a program year. Recruit committee members from the community who represent the medical, dental, nutritional, mental health, and disabilities and other human services professions. Also, recruit at least one parent to serve.

The agendas for these meetings will consist of at least the following:

First Meeting: (Hold, preferably before center's opening, but no later than 2 weeks after opening.)

  1. Orientation and training of HSAC members on the purpose of the committee and their duties (send members all meeting materials prior to the meeting for review);
  2. Review and discussion of nutrition services;
  3. Discuss adequacy of child health screening/exam schedule;
  4. Review and provide technical assistance on updating the following procedures:
    1. Medical/Accident Emergency plan
    2. Fire Evacuation plan
    3. Tornado/Earthquake plan
    4. Dental Emergency plan
    5. Bus Evacuation plan (if applicable)
    6. Short-Term Exclusion& Re-admission policy
    7. Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control plan
    8. Smoke-Free Environment policy
    9. Administration of Medications procedure
    10. Cleaning and Sanitation procedures and schedules
    11. Other health/safety and emergency plans as necessary
  5. Dicuss any problems the program or families are having in accessing services or securing resources;
  6. Review and discuss staff, parent and children's health education, training, and activities planned; and
  7. Review IMSHS Planning Process, solicit members' assistance with self-evaluation process and community assessment.