02.02.04 - Delegate Center Child Sign In/Out Policy & Procedure

Delegate Center Child Sign In/Out Policy & Procedure Policy Number and Last Update (02.02.04/01-2011)

    1. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services licensing standards for Day Care Centers state that: "children shall be admitted and discharged under circumstances which ensure protection of their own and other children's physical and emotional well-being" and "when a child is released, in accordance with the written instructions of the parent/s or guardian, to a person other than the parent/s or guardian, the facility shall maintain a record of to whom that child was released, and the date and time" (Part 407, Sections 407.18e and h). (02.05.23)
    2. In accordance with these standards and considering the nature of the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start day care programs, the optimal safety and well-being of the children served, and practical liability, it is the policy of the Illinois Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Project that all children served will be signed in and out of every delegate center's care on a daily basis. Parent/s, guardian, and other persons authorized in writing by the parent/s or guardian will be required to sign upon delivery of children to center personnel's care and when picking up children from center personnel. Furthermore, the bus will be considered an extension of the center, and all children will be signed in and out of the bus daily as well. At the discretion of the individual delegate agency, a bus aide may sign on behalf of the authorized person providing s/he adds his/her initials indicating that she knows the person dropping off or picking up the child to be on the authorized list. (02.05.09)
    3. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services licensing standards, Section 407.18f and g, will also be strictly adhered to in all Illinois Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Project delegate centers. Every child shall be released from a MSHSP center or bus only to a person who is either:
      • the legal parent/s or guardian; or
      • has been authorized in writing by the parent/s or guardian; and
      • the person picking up the child is 14 years of age or over.
        Additionally, persons on the authorized list who are not known to the center staff must be able to provide center or bus staff with appropriate photo identification (i.e., driver's license, photo I.D., etc.) prior to the child's release to them.
    1. Communication of Information
      1. It is imperative for the center Family Services Coordinator (FSC) to communicate relevant child enrollment information, to the bus driver and the center director or appropriate staff, BEFORE the child is picked up by the bus or arrives at the center for the first time. The FSC should communicate the following:
        1. Child's name;
        2. Child's age and date of birth;
        3. Family's address;
        4. Authorized pick-up person(s); and
        5. Any immediately relevant disability, health problems, allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.
        6. The bus driver will use this information in picking children up. The center director will communicate this informationto on-site staff so they can prepare for the child's arrival.
        7. If a parent changes any information (in the above a-e), the FSC, center director, and center program support coordinator need to know of the changes and distribute them to the bus and classroom staff immediately.
  3. FORMS
    1. The Authorized Sign In/Out Bus and Center will be used for all children. Once bus routes are known, children's names may be completed and these forms copied. As this information changes, the form must be updated. The date, time, and signature lines will be completed daily. This form will be used on both the bus and at the delegate site.
    2. NOTE: This form will be maintained in the center's general file for one season. It is the responsibility of the bus and classroom/on-site center staff to identify all authorized person(s) per DCFS Licensing Standards before a child is released from their care.
    1. It is the center director's responsibility to train, during the center's pre-service week, all other staff, especially the bus and classroom personnel, on this policy, procedure, and accompany form(s). Center staff must also be trained on what they are to do if they cannot find the authorized pick-up person(s) and/or if the person picked up the child is not on the parent's list.
    2. The FSC is responsible for training parents, upon enrollment, of the importance of the enrollment information, the pick-up person(s) list, and this policy and procedure.