01.09.27 - Recovery of Funds

Recovery of Funds Policy Number and Last Update (01.09.27/01-2011)


The Department will reconcile expenditures for each contract after the close of the fiscal year, and will implement procedures to recover any unspent funds. The Department will return unexpended federal funds to the granting agency.


After the close of the fiscal year, the Migrant Head Start accountant reconciles delegate contract accounts based on funds advanced versus eligible expenditures allowed.

Funds that were not expended, legally obligated, or eligible are subject to recover according to Title 89, Chapter IV: Department of Human Services, Part 511, Grants and Grants Funds Recovery.

The Department will follow the process for recover of funds outlined in the Grant Funds Recovery Act.

The Department will offset against existing grants or against grants to be made, if any.

If the agency no longer holds a grant from the Department, the Department will request a cash reimbursement from the agency.

Federal Reporting

The Migrant Head Start accountant will complete the Financial Date for 269 form monthly, and send it to the Office of Fiscal Services.

Each quarter, the Office of Fiscal Services will complete the federal quarterly fiscal report and send a copy to the Migrant Head Start accountant for review.

The fiscal manager will check the report with their own figures, and if a discrepancy is found, will resolve it with fiscal services staff.

The fiscal services office will submit the federal quarterly fiscal report to the Head Start Bureau.