01.09.19 - Payment Request

Payment Request Policy Number and Last Update


  1. The grantee fiscal manager projects delegate cash needs for the first month of the fiscal year, based on last year's spending and adjusts for any changes in enrollment. He/She disburses state General Revenue Funds (GRF) based on the projection.
  2. Thereafter, delegates submit the cash projection request form to the grantee Fiscal Manager, who reconciles expenditures to cash disbursement.
  3. The fiscal manager analyzes delegates' spending, comparing it to previous years, other months, and the delegate contract budget. If there are deviations, he/she discusses those with the delegate fiscal coordinator, delegate director, and grantee director.
  4. The fiscal manager orders cash disbursements for delegates by entering them into the state Consolidated Accounting and Reporting System (CARS). Staff in the office of revenue management and federal reporting draws down federal grant money based on the disbursement order.