01.09.15 - Staff Travel

Staff Travel Policy Number and Last Update (01.09.15/03-2015)


The program reimburses employees for reasonable authorized expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.



The center director must authorize travel. The specific purpose of travel, applicable points of departure, destinations, dates, times, and accurate odometer readings must be recorded on the travel voucher.

Meal allowances are paid when a traveler is not eligible for per diem, i.e., when the travel does not include overnight lodging.

  • Per current CMS rules, breakfast is reimbursable when a traveler leaves home before 6:00 a.m. Dinner is reimbursable when a traveler arrives back home after 7:00 p.m. Lunch is never reimbursed, except when paid as part of a conference registration.
  • Meal allowance maximums follow the current Illinois Central Management Services Control Board's Rate Schedule and are deducted, or not reimbursed, when the sponsoring group provides meals to travelers at conferences or meetings.

Reimbursement for mileage is the current CMS rate. 

Reimbursement for a rented vehicle is allowable for both in-state and out-of-state travel.


Per diem is paid for travel which includes overnight lodging.

  • It is given in lieu of meal allowance. Meal allowance and per diem may not be mixed on the same trip or day.
  • Receipts need not be submitted to support this allowance.
  • Per diem is based on the quarter system. Each quarter shall be 6 hours commencing at midnight, 6:00 a.m., noon, and 6:00 p.m. Meal allowances are deducted, or not reimbursed, when the sponsoring group provides meals to travelers at conferences or meetings.

All travel shall be by the most economical mode of transportation available considering travel time, costs, and work requirements.

  • Arrangements on airplanes, trains, or buses shall be the least costly reasonably available alternative.
  • Privately owned vehicles may be used when authorized by the director, when the cost of reimbursed mileage does not exceed that of other transportation. Mileage is reimbursed at the current CMS rate. When the use of a common carrier is a reasonable alternative, the mileage payment shall not exceed the cost of its use.
  • All travel shall be by the most direct route. Expenses due to deviations for convenience shall be borne by the employee. Distances between destinations shall be as shown on the Illinois Highway Map published by the Illinois Secretary of State.

It is the responsibility of the employee to secure the lowest available lodging rate at the time of making reservations. Current hotel rates follow the CMS rules.  Exceptions for conferences may be made with the approval of the grantee director. Hotel expenses must be supported by receipts, and may not include incidental expenses.

Other reasonable business-related expenses shall be allowed, for example:

  • Taxis, including reasonable tips (over $10 must be receipted);
  • Parking; and
  • Tolls.

In order to be reimbursed, each employee must submit a voucher with the purpose of travel stated and must include required receipts. The director must approve the voucher. If a travel advance has been paid, the traveler will reimburse the program the overpayment, or will be recompensed an underpayment. A reimbursement due the program may be deducted from the employee's paycheck.