01.09.12 - Property Control

PROPERTY CONTROL (01.09.12/03-2015)

Equipment is defined for Migrant & Seasonal Head Start delegate agencies as tangible property of a non-consumable nature with a life expectancy of one year or more. Inventory must be completed for all equipment, which is purchased at a cost of $500.00 or more.


  1. Records

    Property records will be maintained at grantee and delegate offices for all items of equipment and must contain the following:

    • Description
    • Cost
    • % of federal funds used to purchase
    • Inventory number
    • Title holders
    • Acquisition date
    • Current location
    • Condition
    • Serial number
    • Disposition (when applicable)
      The Fiscal Coordinator or designee will prepare and maintain property records (Inventory Control Sheets) for all equipment and property and mark all new equipment with the agency name and inventory number. The Fiscal Coordinator will reconcile all equipment to the General Ledger, asset account. With each monthly expenditure report, the Fiscal Coordinator will submit Inventory Addition and Disposition Approval forms for all relevant items of equipment, and will annotate the corresponding invoices with the new inventory number.
  2. Loss and damage

    Each employee will be responsible for all federal, state, and agency property and materials located at his or her duty-station. The Head Start Director and Board of Directors will be immediately notified of loss, damage, or destruction of property.
    The Delegate Director will file a report with police and a claim with the insurance company for losses valued more that $500.00. The Delegate Director will immediately fill out the Disposition of Property report, and send to the grantee Director, who will request relief from liability from the Regional Program Specialist. The delegate agency will be held responsible for property pending the decision of the Migrant and Seasonal Programs Branch.

  3. Disposition of property

    When original or replacement equipment is no longer to be used in programs currently or previously sponsored by grantors, disposition will be made only with approval of grantee administration. (See form.) When approval is given, the property may be disposed of, and the property records and General Ledger reconciled.

  4. Physical Inventory

    Two staff members will take a physical inventory of all equipment annually. The Director and Fiscal Coordinator will reconcile the physical inventory with the last previous inventory. All discrepancies must be properly explained and reported to the board and the Grantee immediately.

  5. Disposal

    Disposal of any and all equipment with an original purchase cost of $500.00 or more can only be done after the approval of the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Director.