01.09.11 - Placing Purchases with Small, Minority, and Woman-Owned Firms

Placing Purchases with Small, Minority, and Woman-Owned Firms Policy Number and Last Update (01.09.11/01-2011)

"It is national policy to place a fair share of purchases with small, minority, and woman-owned business firms. The Department of Human Services is strongly committed to the objectives of this policy and encourages all recipients of its grants and cooperative agreements to take affirmative steps to ensure such fairness. In particular, recipients should:

  • Place small, minority, and woman-owned firms on bidders' mailing lists.
  • Solicit these firms whenever they are potential sources of supplies, equipment, construction, or services.
  • Where feasible, divide total requirements into smaller needs, and set delivery schedules that will encourage participation by these firms.
  • Use the assistance of the Minority Business Development Agency of the Department of Commerce, the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Department of Human Services (DHS), and similar state and local offices, where they exist"

~ Department of Human Services